All About Sunny

Hi, Sunny here, homemaker, mother and aficionado of all things interesting and mindful 🙂

A health worker and blogger from Nova Scotia I spend my time shared amongst taking care of my soul mate Joe and my beautiful children Alice, Brie and Harry. sunny bareto selfie

On occasion I get to write about things I’m passionate about, and this could range from collecting recipes (I love to cook and have tried to teach my children from an early age that good food is the key to healthy living and inner well being), Mindfulness (I’m a huge advocate) and whatever is going on in my life or the world around me. What you will not find written here is negativity, rehashed stories of pointless celebrities or politics.

An avid reader, Discovery channel devotee and lover of the blues, I love to surround myself with knowledge and have a deep desire to keep learning new things. My parents referred to me as a sponge from a young age as I tried to absorb everything 🙂

My deep passion is Mustangs (the cars not the horse, although their cute too)  and would give ‘almost’ anything to own a Shelby (some day)

If you found yourself here on purpose, great, if you found yourself here by accident then please stick around and allow us to become friends by dropping me a line…

Love and light