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With fast paced life taking control over us, it is essential to maintain a balance of nutrition in our diet. For a proper physical and mental development of the body, there are certain foods which we should avoid consuming. In this article, Mark Roemer lists out a few such foods that may prove detrimental to our health.

The Foods

  1. Sugar – Sugar is one of the worst parts of your diet. Not only does it add calories when consumed in large amounts, but it also triggers insulin resistance. One of the major causes of fatty liver diseases is sugar. Other serious health problems caused by sugar are Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The worst part of sugar than is consumed is liquid added sugar which is present in juice, sweetener, or health drinks. When you consume it in liquid form, it is difficult to control your calorie intake.
  2. Pizza and burgers – Here comes the king of junk food. Consuming readymade pizza and burger is detrimental to your health because of the ingredients used. The base of the pizza is made of highly refined dough where all the nutrients and fibers have been sapped. This may cause digestive issues if taken in large quantities. The meat used in it is highly processed and not fresh. When you have craving for pizzas and burgers it is best to make it at home from scratch. Not only would it be healthier and tastier, but you also have the freedom of adding all sorts of toppings as per your choice. Get detailed information about the unhealthy food and dishes that you should avoid, on this website:
  3. Noodles – Yet another food that is a strict no-no if you want to remain healthy is noodles. Noodles, especially instant noodles are made of processed and highly refined flour with zero nutrition value in them. With the addition of preservative and harmful seasoning to suit your taste buds, this food should be strictly avoided. On large amounts of consumption, these noodles do not get properly digested and stick to the intestinal walls blocking the passage of food, creating stomach pain. In extreme cases it needs to be operated.
  4. White bread – Bread is now an essential part of the breakfast table. But it is important which type of bread is on the platter. White bread is not recommended as it is made of highly refined fiber making it lose its nutritional value. Also, white bread causes a spike in sugar level. As an alternative you can go for whole grain bread that is low in calorie and usually gluten free.
  5. French fries and potato chips – Though potato is a healthy vegetable, when it comes in the form of chips and fries, it is harmful for your body. With a large amount of oil used in making these they add harmful cholesterol increasing the chance of getting heart diseases. Such foods contain a substantial number of acrylamides which creates a problem in the digestive system. With high intake of calories these foods lead to obesity when consumed at a regular basis.


Mark Roemer believes that for a healthy and worry-free life, you should avoid these foods and stick to homemade organic foods. Get detailed information about the benefits of taking healthy food and avoiding unhygienic fast food, on this website:

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