Why we Should Visit Hunter Valley?

Visit Hunter Valley

A day trip to the Hunter Valley is a great way to see the New South Wales countryside while pampering yourself with some of our best food and wine. Learn more about various plains and valley around the globe, on this website:

  • The Hunter is Australia’s oldest wine region with 200 years of winemaking history.
  • The fertile soil here also produces great foods like olives, dairy products, and more.
  • There are also breweries and distilleries here that mean everyone; even wine lovers can join
  • The region has many other attractions, from well-groomed gardens to race tracks and spas; There is a lot to do and see here.

More than 2.5 million people visit annually with hunter valley wine tours, and it’s the most popular day trip from Sydney after the Blue Mountains.

Where is The Hunter’s Valley?

The Hunter Valley is located 200 km northwest of Sydney or 65 km from Newcastle. The car trip from Sydney takes about 2 hours, but on a tour bus, you should add a little more time with pick-ups and traffic etc. From Newcastle, the journey takes about an hour.

What is the Suitable Time when you should go to Hunter Valley?

Is there a better time? Well, I have a favorite, fall, but every season has something to offer; the excitement of the harvest, the colors of spring and autumn and the cool winter temperatures perfect for red wine by the fireplace. Get detailed information about the time of the year which is best for traveling and exploring new places, on this website: idayadventures

Spring – September to November (average 25.7 ° C / 78.2 ° F) * – the vines begin to bloom, and a beautiful light green appears throughout the valley, the gardens are colorful, and the weather is pleasant.

Summer – December to February (average 31.2 ° C /88.1 ° F) – harvest season, which usually starts in mid-January – very hot! There is a good buzz about the place and lots of visitors.

Fall – March to May (23.5 ° C / 63.6 ° F average) – Fall wins my choice for the best combination of weather, crowds, and stunning red and gold foliage. It is an excellent time for photography.

Winter: June to August (normal 17.6 ° C/63.6 ° F) – perfect chance to drink red wine. Cooler temperatures make the visit progressively agreeable.

Things to Remember about Visiting the Vineyards

  • The minimum drinking age in Australia is 18 years.
  • Closed shoes are required for visits to the cellars.
  • Weekends are the busiest, so if you have the option to go on Monday or Thursday, this is a good option. Some places close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so avoid these days.
  • Sometimes less is more: Tastings at two vineyards that are not rushed are often much more enjoyable than four rushed tastings.

Looking at the pickup locations can give you an idea of ​​who the tour is for if the stops include a group of backpackers or just pick up at the central station, it’s likely to cater to a young market or you can hire hunter valley wine tours experts too.

Even if you are not a tour lover, these wine country tours make sense because beverage management laws in Australia are very strict and, on a tour, there is no need for a designated driver, which means everyone can enjoy the day. Get detailed information about the most popular places to visit this summer, on this website: kojeecotour Learn more about the travel adventures you can enjoy, on this website:

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