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Did you know before that May is the month of National Hamburger? Hamburgers with their delicious combination of veggies, ketchup, bread, and a patty make nearly a perfect food. But do you know who made the first Hamburger and when? Or why do people know it as a hamburger despite having a beef patty inside? Get detailed information about the best way to make burgers at home, on this website:

History of the Hamburger 

The history of the hamburger dates back to the early 19th century when people from Hamburg, Germany, starting to mince cows and combine it with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion to form it into patties. They did not use bread or a bun in the first place and used it to make Hamburg steaks. The initial preparation of the Hamburger in Hamburg named it after the city.

The burger surrounds a controversy over its origin because of its main ingredients, such as bread and beef. Earlier, makers used to prepare these ingredients separately for many years in different nations around the world. Later, the Hamburger appeared with all of its currently characteristic trimmings, such as lettuce and onions.

The inventor of the Hamburger 

Surprisingly, many people claim to have invented this delicious lunchtime meal. According to the Library of Congress, a Danish immigrant, Louis Lassen, first created it in America. He was the owner of a food truck ‘Louis Lunch Truck’, where he used to sell the first hamburgers in 1990. The New York Magazine said that Lassen would use a ground meat patty, put it between two slices of bread, add some veggies, and present it with lots of ketchup to his customers.

Other tales include Uncle Fletch and German sailors who named the food. According to White Castle, a famous burger retailer, Otto Kause was the first cook to have prepared the first Hamburger in 1891 though he topped the meat patty with a fried egg.

Some interesting facts

Hamburgers are one of America’s favorite foods. Americans alone eat almost about 50 billion burgers every year. It is available in the menus of fast-food chains, traditional restaurants, and hole-in-the-wall diners; even McDonald’s sells thousands of hamburgers every day. Get detailed information about different types of chicken burgers you can buy from the local markets, on this website:

Here are some facts about your favorite food that you might not know before:

  • Americans did not even taste the Hamburger until the Louis World’s Fair had these burgers on some of its food stalls in 1904. The burger gained popularity in Americans because of its unique taste and delicious combination of ingredients.
  • Many people and restaurants tried to make a world record for making the largest hamburgers, but a Minnesota Casino was the one to make a hamburger weighing over a ton and 10 feet long.
  • The creation of Hamburger inspired cooks to come up with something similar but with different combinations of ingredients. Almost 60% of sandwiches being sold worldwide are actually a hamburger.
  • People during World War I used to call hamburgers as “Liberty Sandwiches.
  • The Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas is one of the U.S restaurants that sell the most expensive burgers in the country. Another café The FluerBurger is also known for making a hamburger with Kobe beef and topping it with black truffles.

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