Academic Dismissal Appeals: How To Make Them Successful?

Academic dismissal

Students join schools and colleges with high hopes that one day they will graduate and have a successful career. Sometimes they are struck by unfortunate legal allegations that lead to their dismissal from their school or college, crippling them forever. However, it may be the case that they are wrongly accused. In such cases, they have the right to appeal and contest their school’s decision.

What Is an Academic Dismissal Appeal?

An academic dismissal appeal is an appeal that you can file in cases where you know that your institution has dismissed you wrongfully.

For example, if your college dismisses you on the grounds of poor performance, but your poor performance was actually something traumatic that happened to you, an accident perhaps, then you can appeal and ask them to readmit you.

You can file an academic dismissal appeal only when you have convincing evidence that you are being dismissed on unreasonable grounds.

The Process of Academic Dismissal Appeal

The process of academic dismissal appeal can vary from school to school. Here is a general overview of how you should go about your academic dismissal appeal:

  • Find A Convincing Reason

First of all, you need to find a convincing reason and stick to it. There may be a couple of reasons behind your poor performance or any other misconduct. But, you need to base your appeal on reasonable grounds only.

For example, reasons of the following sorts cannot provide in a court in such cases:

  • Living with uncooperative or problematic roommates
  • Noisy hostel or any other residence
  • Unhelpful tutors
  • Nonsensical professors
  • Not being able to attend classes duty to family functions

Examples of reasonable reasons include:

  • Psychological problems
  • Physical illness
  • Legitimate financial reasons
  • Familial problems
  • Improper conduct by your institution
  • Research Your Institution’s Process and Guidelines

Your institution may have certain guidelines that you may not be aware of. So, your first need to know what they are and ensure that you haven’t violated them. Also, research the guidelines related to the appeal process and follow them strictly.

  • Find A Competent Lawyer

You would absolutely need a competent academic dismissal appeals lawyer to help you out. The lawyer will look at your case, your grounds for appeal, the guidelines of your school, and the overall nature of your case.

  • File Your Appeal

The final step is to go ahead and file your appeal. Remember that it’s absolutely worth it. You have to try to save your career even if the chances of the success of your appeal are negligible because the alternative is much worse.


Academic dismissal can put your academic and professional integrity in question. The consequences of such dismissals can be extremely severe. Students should know and be taught that they have the right to challenge their dismissals in court.

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