5 Best Animefrenzy Alternatives Sites To Watch Anime Online


What is Animefrenzy?

Animefrenzy is a site that provides pop culture fans with the most updated details and news about anime, read mangas online like a one-piece, comics, and cartoon characters. This site offers its readers some fun challenges including quizzes and games which are fun to know about.

You can watch hot and relevant as well as trending anime films, animation films and anime shows on this site like Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike, and Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 2, High School DxD Hero, My First Girlfriend is a Gal, The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War, and many more. 

Here at this site, you can also find a very user-friendly browsing experience by using their very dynamic searches options. While using these searching options you can avail all the latest titles from Japan in almost every language.

What happened to Animefrenzy?

A few months ago, AnimeFrenzy.com was added to the list of websites that Google has removed from their search engine. This is a result of the dedicated work by the anime and manga production studios that have taken legal action against these websites, which has caused the removal of all pages that violated the law. 

How to download anime episodes on Animefrenzy?

To download anime episodes on Animefrenzy, you can use the built-in browser to play and download the video files. The video downloader will automatically detect and extract the video URL from the page. Playback your video by clicking on the “Open” button beside the video URL.  

Why is Animefrenzy not working?

Animefrenzy was an online streaming service that was shut down in recent years because it has allowed users to upload copyrighted material illegally. The website had nearly 40.000 registered users, so the news came as quite a shock to many people. This news also raises questions about hosting companies that provide services to websites that do not adhere to Google’s policies and guidelines. Now, Animefrenzy original site is not working.

Similar sites like Animefrenzy


9Anime is an anime streaming website that offers a large collection of thousands of high-definition episodes of popular and classic series. The site provides anime fans with a simple and easy-to-use interface to watch their favorite shows.

The site is also impressive due to its selection of over 50 anime series that can be viewed on the homepage alone. 9anime is likely one of the best sources for streaming anime today.

If you love anime and wish to enjoy some top-notch quality episodes at no cost, there is no better option than 9anime.


Animepahe has a unique method of ranking anime shows. The main page displays as a horizontal bar, with each show separated by its graph line, showing how popular a particular anime is compared to the others. However, you can also view them collectively or as an extended list of links if you prefer. You can filter the titles by genre and year of release, so finding something specific should not be much of a problem.

The great thing about Animepahe is that you get to watch the latest episodes of your favorite anime series and also you can enjoy watching classic anime series as well. Moreover, the site also offers movies. So if you are looking for a place where you can download anime episodes and movies then Animepahe is one of the best choices to fulfill your wishes. 


Animxplay is the best Anime streaming site in the world. Animxplay has a remarkable user interface that is similar to Animefrenzy. The site is full of content because that’s the main thing that users are looking for in a good animation streaming site. Animxplay gathers the best animes from around the globe, with most subtitled in English, French, Indonesian, Persian, Spanish, and Thai.

If you are in search of a site to organize your anime viewing experience, Animxplay is a wonderful choice. Whether you are just starting up a new project or you have been watching for years, Animxplay allows you to catalog your favorite series and keep yourself on track. You will be hard-pressed to find an easier-to-use website than this one.


Animeheaven is an anime streaming website that houses a huge collection of Japanese anime series, including modern series as well as older classics. The user interface of the site is clean and easy to use. Anime planet also has a nearly perfect design and Layout which is easily understandable to all fans. 

If you love watching online anime series, then AnimeHeaven is the right place for you. Animeheaven has a vast collection of anime series, shorts, full episodes, and movies that can be located by using different filters. The website updates frequently after every update of an anime series. 

Anime planet

Anime planet is an anime media site that offers a huge collection of anime videos, series, and movies to its users. It contains only legal anime works, no fansubbed stuff, and the downloads are easy to use. The site also has an easy-to-navigate layout which makes it easier for the viewers to watch their favorite videos. 

The site is user-friendly and comfortable to use on any platform. There is also a live chat feature where you can discuss your favorite shows and make new friends with other fans of anime. The site is constantly updated so you won’t have to wait long to see new content on it.


Watching Anime has become a trend among youngsters and the older generation alike. If you’re an anime lover, then you should know that you can watch streaming anime on a variety of websites. However, if you wish to download them, it may prove to be a little challenging. Some of these sites are not offering the best quality and they do not even offer HD or 720p videos or 1080p videos or 4k Videos but the alternative sites of Animefrenzy that we provided you are offering high-quality episodes. One thing that makes these websites special is that they might have almost all the latest anime series and this makes them easy to browse.

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