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Gems are among the most beautiful fascination for women. Who won’t be mesmerized by its charm? A beautiful gem with a perfect cut can delight anyone and it’s a perfect way to spoil your beloved ones. The outstanding gems are the ones with superb cut and shape showing their spark and richness. Types of gemstone shapes are Round, Oval, Princess, Pear, Octagon, Marquise, Heart, trillion, baguette, briolette, triangle, pendulum, cushion, emerald, etc. You can learn about different types of worldwide famous stones to be used in jewelry, on this website:

Let’s discover some of the inside information about them and their cuts in detail.

  1. Round shape: Its 58 reflective surfaces with flawless cut make it the most dazzling one. This one looks wondrous when matched up with little gems.
  2. Oval: This shape is rounded oval. This is one of the most preferred shapes of gems as it gives a semblance of having long fingers, making it popular.
  3. Marquise: it is similar to the oval shaped gem, but only difference is that it has two sharp point ends. This gives a royal look to your wear.
  4. Trillion: It is usually triangular, can be pointed triangle or rounded.
  5. Princess cut: It is square cut gem that is most beautiful amongst all. Its edges meet at right angle. It has a glittery look, definitely made for a lifelong use.
  6. Radiant cut: It has 70 surfaces with square or rectangular cut enhanced with a rounded gem. It is brilliantly made with at most refraction.
  7. Baguette: This is again rectangular shaped, but top surface and edges that are flat. It is unique in its own way.
  8. Heart shaped: As the name suggests, it has a heart shape. Very romantic to gift your loved ones, it will give you finest look as it takes skilled work to create a heart shape.
  9. Shield cut: It has a shape like a shield, with a large front face making it look very distinct.
  10. Whirl cut: It takes brilliance to create this cut as it is complex. But when created, looks very elegant. You can get detailed information about fashion trends for men as well as for women, on this website: www.novelstyleblog.comLearn more about the latest dressing ideas you can try for formal occasions, on this website:
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