Exuding Professional Competence Through Your Digital Presence

Digital Presence

One aspiration that many brands have is to have an incredibly positive association. This is something that comes with time – along with strong brand awareness – but you want audiences to see your name (or even just your logo) and immediately think of quality.

This doesn’t come automatically; obviously, it’s something you have to work on. Part of this comes from establishing your digital presence as one that exudes the kind of confidence you want to be associated with you. Every element of your online presence should reinforce this central idea, but that’s something that you have to achieve piece by piece until the smaller elements coalesce into something larger.

Web Design and Tools

While your website (or app) is known to be an incredibly important, central component of your online presence, the ways that you might think about it making an impression might be relatively restricted to the aesthetic and visuals alone. On the contrary, the tools that you use can make just as much of an impact – such as implementing Kong API management for ease of development and security – to both your employees and your customers. When done well, exhibiting a mastery of these systems can be an indication that you have a thorough understanding of the modern business landscape and what you need to thrive within it.

Tone of Voice

Understanding the right tone of voice for your business is a tricky thing. There are several different approaches to take, from a more informal route that can aim to develop an interpersonal dynamic with your audiences to a professional approach that looks to retain that image at all times. Finding this and sticking with it consistently is difficult, as it not only needs to be somewhat unique for your brand, but it also needs to be right for your industry and be something that you can adapt to various situations.

There also might have to be times when you deviate – you can’t be informal all the time, or you risk not being taken seriously in professional situations, and similarly, retaining a stoic professional demeanor might not be the right course of action in some situations.

Addressing Criticism

While your tone of voice is important, it can feel as though that very much pertains to situations where you’re in ‘control’ – such as your social media posts or marketing efforts. When you’re placed in a more spontaneous situation, such as when responding to a negative online review, it’s important that you don’t let this guise of what you want your business facade to be slip. How you respond to criticism is something that audiences take note of, and graciously accepting this feedback can be both practically valuable – as it gives you an indication of what you need to improve upon – as well as beneficial for appearances.

Of course, there might be times when the criticism made isn’t one that you necessarily think is fair. In that case, you still have to be careful about how you respond, being polite and looking to get to the truth of the matter rather than accusatory.

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