Five Astonishing Science Facts

Five Astonishing Science Facts

The contribution of physics in revealing enigmas of the universe and its components has been huge and extraordinary. Discoveries made by Physicists over the years have helped us a great deal in understanding both micro and macro cosmos. The discoveries, such as Planck’s constant and the study of the properties of fluid and light, have opened Pandora’s Box around us uncover different realities . top 5 staggering Physics facts that will without a doubt shock you.

Human Radiations

A human body constantly radiates around 1000 watts of heat and absorbs about 900 watts. The outflow of the heat flux reduces rapidly, once the person covers his body with clothes. The heat radiated from a human body is more than enough in lightning up a 100-watt bulb for some time.

Highly Reactive Metals

Certain metals such as potassium, sodium, lithium, rubidium and caesium are so reactive that they oxidise instantly when exposed to air. They even produce explosions when dropped in water. All elements strive to be chemically stable. To achieve this, metals shed electrons. The alkali metals have one valence electron in their outer shell, making them ultra-keen to pass on this electron to another element via bonding.

Strong Enough to Dissolve Stainless Steel

The hydrochloric acid present in our stomach has a pH of 2 to 3 and this highly corrosive acid helps in the digestion of food. This acid attacks the stomach lining. The stomach lining protects itself by secreting and concealing itself by an alkali bicarbonate solution. In spite of this, the lining still needs to be replaced regularly, and it entirely renews itself every four days.

Hawaii moves closer to Alaska every year

As we probably are aware, the tectonic plates are in a steady movement and are driven by the currents in the Earth’s upper mantle. Hawaii sits in the Pacific Plate, which is gradually floating North-West towards the North American Plate, back to Alaska. The plates’ speed is identical to the speed at which our fingernails develop.

Human Race Could Fit in the Volume of Sugar Cube

The atoms that make up the material world appear to be solid, however, they are 99.99999 per cent void space. A molecule comprises a dense nucleus which is encompassed by a haze of electrons. Electrons exist both as particles and waves. It is at the point where troughs and crests of these waves overlap effectively is when electrons can exist. The area of the electron is spread over a range of probabilities – an orbital. They in this way occupy a colossal measure of space.

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