Hair Loss and Its Causes

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem people often experience. What are the Causes of hair loss in men and women? How to prevent hair loss? It is very easy to solve this problem with male prosthetic hair or female prosthetic hair application. What is hair loss? What is the result of prosthetic hair? What you want to know about hair loss and Prosthetic Hair Solutions. You can learn about hair loss problems, on this website:

Every person experiences normal hair loss from time to time, depending on factors that vary according to the season and health status. However, if the hair loss experienced by a woman or a man is at an alarming rate, this may become a serious problem. Therefore, people look for many kinds of wigs as a solution such as headband wigs.

Hair loss is a problem that occurs in young children as well as in adults. Hair loss that occurs suddenly in the person can be temporary or permanent. It is necessary not to see the wrong eating habits and shocking diets as innocent in hair loss.

For example, if the minerals of B9, B7, B12, vitamin D, zinc, iron and copper are taken into the body less or cut, it causes hair loss.

What is Hair Loss?

Apart from hair loss depending on the seasons; shock diet, stress, hormonal changes, malnutrition or some medications for therapeutic purposes. In such hair loss periods, especially women resort to many different applications for Hair Curing.

Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss may also be a precursor to many diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, anaemia and lupus. On the other hand, permanent hair loss other than these reasons is usually genetic. In short, hair health is closely related to body health. A regular and healthy life also means healthy and lush hair for the person.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

There is also hair loss, which is common especially in men, which is called male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is usually inherited. Among the reasons affecting men, we can count malnutrition and stress as an important factor in hair loss. The shampoo to be used by people in male pattern hair loss must be applied to wet hair with Saw Palmetto and biotin.

Hair Loss Type

Ringworm or Alopecia Areata; It is a hair disease characterized by a few round and completely balding areas of different diameters that suddenly appear on the person’s hair. This disease is also known as “ringworm” among the people. Contrary to popular belief, it is not contagious as it is not any fungal disease that breaks the hair. Apart from hair, hair breakage is also seen in the beard area in men and responds positively to the treatment within a few months or 1 year.

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss, whether in women or men; It causes great psychological distress. It is necessary to be very careful while investigating the causes of hair loss because; Every hair loss is due to personal reasons. The only common point in hair loss is that it is a depressing situation for the person.

Hair Loss in Women

Although hair loss in women is temporary, it can be due to many different reasons. Among the reasons behind hair loss experienced by women; hormonal changes, wrong hair care practices, polycystic ovary syndrome, anaemia, thyroid, shock diets and birth control pills.

In this respect, hair loss seen in women is resolved with different drug treatments. Hair loss that occurs especially after childbirth in women also disappears spontaneously after a while. Though not just for this reason, there are wigs for sale from very reputed brands for aesthetic reasons.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

If there is a genetic hair loss, it is not possible to prevent it, whether in men or women. However, if there is a temporary hair loss, some measures can be taken to reduce it.

For example, those who suffer from hair loss should eat a healthy diet, take sufficient amounts of iron, zinc and B vitamins, stop smoking and alcohol use, avoid bending the hair by force-beating, and avoid braids, buns or ponytails that force the hair.

Prosthetic Hair

Despite all the solutions and care, if the person has hair loss, it is very easy to solve this problem with male prosthetic hair or female prosthetic hair application.

It is a factor that increases self-confidence in social, business and private life.

Hair prosthesis is shaped naturally by applying to the desired area that is bald or sparse as needed by the person. Although prosthetic hair prices vary for women or men, they consist of very economical and accessible figures.

All of the prosthetic hair applications are produced by using 100 percent human hair in New Hair, with special texture and advanced technical methods and safely for the person who needs a hair prosthesis. Learn more about the best practices to carry out to stop hair loss, on this website:

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