How To Find A Good DUI Lawyer In Knoxville

DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI (drinking under the influence), your first idea was probably to hire a lawyer. Since DUI is a highly significant criminal offense, you must be wondering, “How can I find a good lawyer to help with my drunk driving arrest?”.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a lawyer. Here they are. But at the same time, remember that DUI is not recommended. It is a criminal offense that poses potential harm to you and other people on the road.

Tips for finding the best DUI attorney

Talk to people and note down recommendations.

Talking to your family, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances is a good and the most basic place to start your search. Talking to someone who has been in your shoes before would be the best. Remember that thousands of people get pulled up and charged with DUI every day, so you’re not alone in this.

Note down the names of lawyers recommended to you. Check their ratings online. If a lawyer has terrible reviews, it’s better to strike their name out. Also, remember that not all lawyers are experts in all types of cases. So choose one best suited for your case.

Do a background check.

A background check is helpful in any case. Find out your lawyer’s education qualification, work experience and check if the number of cases they’ve lost is greater than the ones they’ve won. It’s also helpful when they have won various awards and accreditations and have top ratings online or in legal organizations.

Set a face-to-face appointment.

It is essential to meet your lawyer and have a conversation with them in person to examine their personality and behavior towards you. You cannot work with an attorney who makes you feel uncomfortable and gives you a hard time communicating with them.

Good communication system.

Make sure that your lawyer is in regular contact with you. If you have a question regarding your case, will they respond quickly, or will it take them 3-4 business days? In DUI cases, nobody wants to wait. You want to find a lawyer who is easily accessible and communicates with their clients.

Make sure your lawyer has handled DUI cases in the past.

suppose you choose a lawyer with a good rating and they have several awards and are recommended to you by everyone, but they don’t have experience handling a case like yours. In such situations, you must look for an attorney who has experience in handling a similar case. Hiring someone who has never handled a DUI case before can make you lose your case.

Following these measures will help you land with a good lawyer. To find an expert in DUI cases in Knoxville, contact Barnes Law services today.

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