How to Write a Press Release on Launching a New Website

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Launching a new website is an exciting time for your business. You have spent months creating this amazing new platform that has the potential to grow your business and increase revenue. Now you need to share the news with the world. You can learn about the best way for generating formal documentation for your business, on this website:

Press releases are a great way to announce your new website to the public. They are also an effective way to build links back to your site and increase organic traffic from search engines. The key to writing a successful press release is making sure it is relevant and has a clear call to action at the end of it.

Here’s how to write a press release on launching a new website:

Write an introductory paragraph, including the date and location of launch, as well as relevant information about your company and what makes it special.

Outline why this launch is newsworthy for readers. What makes this product or service unique? Why should people care about it? What previous accomplishments have you had that make this launch significant?

Include quotes from key people involved with this project (e.g., CEO, CTO).

Add any relevant statistics or facts that support your claim about its importance (e.g., number of employees involved in development).

Mention any awards or accolades that have been won by the company or team behind this project (e.g., third place at Startup Weekend).

Be accurate and honest. Don’t exaggerate the facts or make something up just to boost sales. If you’re caught lying, you’ll damage your reputation and lose customers for good.

Be concise and clear. Your goal is to generate interest in your product or service and get people to visit your site. A long-winded press release full of jargon will only confuse people who are looking for information about your company or product.

Don’t bury the lede (or “lead”). Readers want to know right away what’s so special about your company or product — don’t keep this information until the end of your release!

Use numbers. Numbers are easy to understand and remember, so they’re great for grabbing attention.

Use action words. Use words that make people want to do something (like “discover” or “get”). This also helps get people interested in reading more about your product/service.

Be creative. Be creative with your word choice and use puns or alliteration whenever possible (this works especially well for B2C companies).

Here’s a sample press release where they announce their new website launch. Learn more about the rules and regulations you must follow to get client on your online business, on this website:

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