Jelly Roll Net Worth: Career Glance of a Rapper

Jelly Roll Net Worth

Jelly Roll net worth is a point of debate due to the rapper’s singing of heart-pumping raps and reaching milestones of millions. Jelly’s unwavering commitment to rap propelled him to the next level through the success of his profession. Roll’s tracks received millions of views on well-known streaming services like YouTube and gained actual notoriety among listeners. Jelly is gaining a glance by recording some extraordinary stuff in the field of hip-hop domain.

About Jelly Roll

Jason Deford is a well-known American rapper and artist named Jelly Roll. His extremely well-known rap tracks and albums allowed him to become known and understood. He has made a lovely choice in how to portray his compositions and feelings through melody.

Profession Rapper
Date of Birth December 4, 1984 (38 years)
Country America
Popular Name Jelly Roll
Height 5 ft 7 inch
Jelly Roll Net Worth $5 Million

Jelly Roll’s Real Name and Early Life?

Jelly Roll goes by Jason Bradley DeFord in real life. Jelly Roll was born on December 4, 1984. He had an upbringing in the country together with his family and friends. He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a typical physique. Early on, he faced charges of marijuana theft. He began his early life in Nashville, Tennessee, where he enjoyed his early life era.

Personal Life

Jelly Roll has two brothers named Scott DeFord and Roger DeFord, along with a sister Shelby DeFord. His wife, BunnieXo, is the love of his life. He enjoys his life with his family and cares much about them by living in a mansion. 

Furthermore, his wife is a very supportive lady who has likeminded thinking about his career and choice selection. In addition, Roll has a daughter Bailee Ann, and a son Noah Buddy DeFord.

Roll’s Career

Jelly Roll enjoyed listening to rap and pop music and aspired to become a popular rapper, which he has finally accomplished. In the USA, he earned his high school graduation. After graduating from high school, he went into the music industry to further his musical career. According to Jelly Roll, the top four rap albums of the year are Goodnight Nashville, Beautiful Disaster, and No Filter. 

Jelly Roll has collaborated with rappers including Haystak, Tech N9ne, Lil Wyte, and Struggle Jennings on many occasions. He has published a number of studio albums, mixtapes, and songs, such as “Biggest Loser,” “Addiction Kills,” and “Sobriety Sucks.” and “A Beautiful Disaster.” Early in 2023, “Son of a Sinner,” Jelly Roll’s first number-one hit for country radio, became available.

Jelly Accomplishments

The Memphis-based rapper Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll worked together on the song “Pop Another Pill,” which got 1 million total views on YouTube. SNO’s “Come Here White Girl” was one of the best 10 white artist partnerships listed by XXL. DJ Paul and Juicy J’s song Year-Round came out in April 2011 on the SNO label.

He recorded a folder as SNO with Lil Wyte & BZP and worked on tracks with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, and Haystak. Several mixtapes, including the Therapeutic Music and Gamblin on a Whiteboy series, has been Jelly Roll collections. At last, he self-published The Big Sal Story, his first official solo album, on October 26, 2012.

Music Career

Under the rap moniker Jelly Roll, DeFord published his first studio album, “Year Round,” in April 2011. It was a collaboration between hip-hop group SNO and BPZ and Lil Wyte, the later two of whom would regularly collaborate with Jelly Roll. It took Jelly Roll around two months to release his first mixtape, “Gamblin’ on a White Boy 4.”

The next year, Roll released two songs, the mixtape “Whisky, Weed & Women,” and other music. In October of that year, Jelly Roll released his debut studio album as a solo artist, “The Big Sal Story,” following the release of the mixtape “Mid/Grade Miracle (The Boston Story)”.

Both albums were among the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Records list’s notable hits. In March of that year, Jelly Roll produced the “Biggest Loser” mixtape and the “Whisky Sessions” EP in December. His only release in 2015 was the mixtape “Therapeutic Music 5” which catalyzed the song “Smoking Section.”

Song Conflict

Jelly Roll released a mixtape 2013 called Whisky, Weed, & Women; it was previously called Whisky, Weed, & Waffle House. This song went against the brand name of the copyrighted trademark. Furthermore, due to the conflict, he had to change the similarity of the song and make it unique.

When the eatery with the same name was under threat of legal action, he had to think about the legal consequences. Because composition is so much more widespread than local content, the rapper’s song resembled a restaurant in town, and the restaurant owner objected.

Social Media Channels

Jelly Roll has a social media fan following with approximately two million fans as active subscribers. His Instagram social handle is @jellyroll615, where the rapper shares reels and content-related posts. In addition, he owns more than seven hundred posts and three thousand followers. 

You can follow him on the popular social streaming channel with the handle @JellyRoll on YouTube with the following of over three million subscribers.

@JellyRoll615 is a social media handle for his Twitter account that he uses occasionally for sharing information with his followers. 

@TheRealJellyRoll is his Facebook handle for a fan following of over three million with 3.9 million active followers who share their immense feedback timely.

Jelly Roll Net Worth Insights?

In total, Jelly Roll’s professional revenues amount to an estimated $5 million in net worth. Since Roll lives in Illinois, he paid around 38% in taxes on his professional income. All net worths follow calculations using data from public sources. His anticipated annual earnings for his profession are $2.79 million.

Roll likely spent $800,000 on costs while earning $150,000 on investments of his lifetime earnings. He would also have been responsible for approximately $350,000 in costs for his company. According to the most recent states, contemporaries estimate that Jelly Roll Worth will gain further potential. 


Jelly Roll is a well-known individual with a reputation based on rap and rock music. He wrote several songs which received millions of views and rose to fame with the public. His career saw a growth in net worth as a result of consistently successful albums and partnerships with some of the biggest names in the music industry. He is more committed and enthusiastic about giving his audience the greatest melodious material.


How did Jelly get his million dollars?

He consistently released albums of rap music that were both moving and catchy, and the fans responded favorably.

What is Jelly Roll’s net worth?

Credit to his raps and song CDs, his prospective net worth has increased to $5 Million.

How long has Jelly Roll been married?

He married Bunnie XO in 2016 and is living a successful life.

What is expected Jelly Roll net worth ongoing?

His estimated income is gradually increasing and going ahead.

Where does Jelly Roll live?

Jelly Lives with his family in Antioch, Tennessee, U.S.

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