Know the top 5 Reasons behind the Australian Visa Rejection


Australia offers a wide range of visas to its international applicants, to stay in Australia either for studying, working or staying as a permanent Australian resident. But, there certain reasons which may lead to the abrupt rejection of your Australian visa. On the contrary, if you get in touch with the best immigration solicitors in Perth, you can easily get over any of these situations. You can learn about the rules and regulations for foreigners in Australia, on this website:

The below-given information will acquaint you with the top 5 reasons, why your Australian visa can face an abrupt rejection as well.

  1. Lack of sufficient fund

When applying for an Australian visa, you need to show the provision of adequate financial fund to the Australian immigration department, to ensure a smooth and carefree stay in the nation. Each of the visas needs you to show a particular type of financial backup, failing which your Australian visa may have to face an abrupt rejection. You need to show enough documents to the Australian government, which proves that you are able to meet your own expenses effectively while staying in Australia.

  1. Inability to meet character requirements

The Australian immigration department holds a character test, which substantiates that you possess a morally good character. But, you may face a sudden rejection with your Australian visa, if you fail to meet the concerned character test. Aside that, a police clearance is a document which you need to show to your immigration department as well. However, if you are found with a single or a number of former criminal records, then it can lead to the cancellation of your Australian visa as well.

  1. Failure to meet English language test

There are certain Australian visas which require the applicant to meet a special type of English language test and there is a specified number of points which he/she needs to score so as to meet the English language test effectively. However, if you fail to meet the concerned English language test, then your Australian visa may end up in facing an abrupt rejection as well. This kind of English language test is held by the Australian immigration department to ensure that the applicant holds an optimal competency in English in all its four areas i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  1. Inability to meet health requirements

If you want to apply for your Australian visa successfully, then meeting the concerned health requirements is equally important, if you want to avoid an unexpected rejection of your Australian visa. Qualifying in this particular health test requires you to prove that your body is free from certain diseases like Hepatitis, Tuberculosis as well as HIV/AIDS. On the contrary, if your body is found with any of these diseases mentioned above, then you can face an abrupt cancellation of your Australian visa as well. To the best of suggestions, it’s better to go for an immigration lawyer consultation, and your lawyer can guide you in this regard in the best possible way.

  1. Provision of false information

A successful application of your Australian visa requires you to put in authentic information in your visa application form, be it your personal or that of professional details. Inclusion of any fake or incorrect bit or bits of information can also be responsible for the abrupt cancellation of your Australian visa. Not only this, provision of false information can also make the applicant subject to a visa fraud charge, leading to a temporary or permanent rejection of his/her Australian visa.

Who can help?

It may happen that you too have faced the abrupt rejection of your Australian visa due to any of the situations mentioned above. If that is the case, then a professional legal assistance is required essentially. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you in this regard in the best possible way. After assessing your current circumstances and identifying the reason behind your Australian visa rejection, your lawyer will facilitate you with some of the most effective ideas and strategies of its kind. By following each of these ideas and strategies properly, you will be able to get over your Australian visa rejection issue within the fastest period of time. So, what are you waiting for? Stop thinking that which is the best
immigration lawyer near me and get in touch with any of these lawyers in Perth today.

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