Liver King Net Worth: Unveiling the Influencer Lifestyle

Liver King Net Worth

Liver King net worth is all about a social media influencer who’s getting prevalent with his daring content, which is testing raw flesh and heavy eatables in bulk. Almost in all of his videos, he looks savage and old civilized by wearing special antique apparel. His popularity has grown immensely, with millions of followers across all social networks. Business ideas have inspired Johnson’s life since childhood, and he still works as an entrepreneur. 

Liver King has used his fame and influence to launch several businesses, including clothing lines, merchandise, and even his line of food products. The fame has enabled him to diversify his income and increase his net worth even further. The title of his videos demonstrates an exciting thumbnail so that users can quickly get attraction to the content. Here you may know his lifestyle and career growth:

Who is Liver King?

On April 7, 1977, Brian Johnson was born in San Antonio, Texas. Johnson is an old-fashioned personification character who portrays his outlook as savage by urging people to follow the ancient living style. He was born in America and has been physically fit. Liver King’s success inspires aspiring influencers who seek to make it big in the online world. 

Brian’s rise to fame can be attributed to his one-of-a-kind content that defies norms and expectations. Liver King’s approach to content creation is refreshingly audacious in a digital landscape saturated with beauty tutorials and travel vlogs. He has since appeared in several shows, interviews, and magazines, increasing his popularity even further and resulting in a growing net worth. 

Liver King first gained fame on YouTube, posting videos of himself challenging himself to eat various items such as raw organs, bugs, and other things that most people would never dare to try. His videos quickly went viral and garnered millions of views, leading to even more followers on all social networks. 

King’s Biography

Here is the outlook of biographic stats of the Liver King net worth, where you may check the data and his details. 

King Real Name Brian Johnson
Profession Lifestyle Influencer & Influencer & Entrepreneur
Date of birth 1977
Country American
Liver King Net Worth $12 million
Liver King Height 5’7’’

Early Life

Little is known about Liver King’s early life other than the fact that he experienced terrible bullying at school. When he was ten years old, he worked the summer heat selling the San Antonio Light newspaper door to door. “I’d like to give you the newspaper for free,” was the pitch. “You only need to purchase Sunday’s newspaper. I used to request a drink of water if I was rebuffed.” 

“This is why I’m here: Could you please assist me out and buy from me if you’re going to buy the paper?” He had started developing his body from his boyhood as his chest appeared cutouts and packs with a proper figure.

Liver King Education

Liver King Young studied at Texas Tech University and earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science with an attentiveness in biochemistry in 2000. Johnson joined Texas Tech University before leaving medical school to work for a pharmaceutical firm.

When he was 12 years old, he marketed free lawn care services in middle school! He was too young, too little, too inexperienced, or they already had someone; therefore, no one would hire him. He would mow, edge, and trim their lawn once their automobiles had left their driveway. 

Physical Appearance

King has a robust body shape without any extra obesity and weight despite his raw meat consumption. His body is just like the gymnastic and aerobatic artist who looks fit and vigorous with chest packs. King’s out figure shows his dedication towards fitness and working out; he loves to look elegant and perfect.

As he eats raw flesh to promote his videos and social media content, there are a lot of chances of weight gain and obesity. But he prefers more time and commitment to burn body fat to look fit through workouts. King is conscious about his body’s health and fitness by caring for his physique with heavy exercises. His body is strong enough to make the dare and stunts, which he often performs through live social media interaction with the audience.

Personal Life and Liver King Family

Barbara (alias Liver Queen) is a dentist by occupation and was in a relationship as wife in 2004. The pair established a private dental office before closing it to concentrate on Johnson’s fitness companies and ancestral supplements. 

Rad and Stryker Johnson are Barbara and Brian Johnson’s two kids. Brian noticed they had vitamin deficiencies due to their frequent illness and childhood allergies. He enhanced their health by introducing grass-fed organic beef and other organic products into their diet.

“It is my responsibility to express my finest and most powerful form as a father… to affirm my lads with the depth of difficulties, worth and possibilities so that one day they grow to believe in themselves… so that they become independent monarchs. Creating physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual opposition for them.”

“It is my responsibility as a husband to express my finest and most dominant form because my Liver Queen (partner) is my complementary opposite. If I desire her to express herself to the fullest, it is my responsibility and duty to do the same… Progressing together physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually deepens our bond and models sacrifice (striving and hoping for more) to our boys.”

How did Johnson get famous?

Beyond the realms of digital engagement, Liver King’s influence has transcended into a comprehensive lifestyle brand. His works and daring stunts have helped him build his empire, attracting a huge audience through social platforms and direct access to his official website. This meticulously crafted brand identity has paved the way for partnerships with fitness and nutrition brands, invitations to appear at high-profile events, and even aspirations of venturing into the culinary sphere. 

His popularity continues upward, Liver King net worth is dignified for constant development. Strengthening as an influencer par excellence, his distinctive approach to content creation yields both popularity and substantial financial success.

What is Liver King Net Worth & Income?

Liver King net worth has evolved into a topic of considerable intrigue, captivating followers and observers alike. While pinpointing exact financial figures can be challenging due to the intricate nature of influencer earnings, it is undeniable that his daring content and expanding popularity have translated into substantial financial prosperity. 

The fusion of shock value with a fiercely authentic branding approach has magnetized brand collaborations, sponsorships, and promotional alliances. Additionally, his robust online presence has paved the way for merchandise sales, appearance fees, and potentially strategic investments in ventures that resonate with his distinct brand persona.

He spent $2,700,000 buying his first commercial property, $2,000,000 finishing it out, and $50,000 a month leasing it out. I got into debt that I couldn’t pay off because I got over my head. I had to find a solution every time payroll rolled around since I had nothing in the bank to cover it. For the ensuing years, there would be banks and collectors.”

Liver King net worth as of 2023 is slightly more than $10 million. But if he owns his houses outright and his enterprises are fairly valued, his estimated net worth approaches $12 million. He further claimed that his brand and health businesses bring approximately $100 million annually.

Liver King Investment and Online Income

With 175,000 unique visits each month, an average purchase size of $80 (the price of two supplements), and a 2% conversion rate (a conservative estimate), the yearly income from the website alone is between $3 million and $4 million. Amazon orders might generate an extra $24 million in income per year. He has created a character that appeals to corporations, investors, and viewers by unapologetically embracing unorthodox topics and aesthetics.

The fact that Liver King invested in businesses doing what he believed in is one thing that can be inferred from his narrative. Because of this, he finds it quite simple to market these organizations’ goods by simply being himself. The rise of Liver King from a risk-taking content producer to a powerful person with a growing fortune proves the value of authenticity and creativity in the social media sphere. 

The corporation’s founder and apparent principal stockholder is Liver King. The company presumably generates $380,000 as well as $3 million in profit if the standard profit rate for supplements is 38%. The value of Johnson’s ownership interest in the company is estimated to be roughly $1 million based on extremely valuable contributions and shares.

King Residential Assets

King’shome contains a steam room, sauna, and pool. His property is valued at about $4 million since, based on the house tour, it appears less abundant than the $7 million homes and more comparable to the $4 million homes on the online Zillow real estate marketplace. His residential real estate often outperforms agricultural land, gold, and the S&P.

Due to Liver King’s extensive real estate assets, the propriety’s historical status and location help him to build short and long-term potential. Although the majority of his assets are in personal businesses and a small number of residential residences, it is difficult to determine exactly how much he earned with this real estate work.

Where does Liver King live?

In Austin, Texas, Brian Johnson & his family reside in an 8,300-square-foot Spanish-style estate. Zillow Properties estimates that properties like this are valued at $7 million on average. It’s not known if he maintains the house or what price he shelled out for it.

What is Liver King’s source of income?

Liver King and his wife established a vertically integrated dental practice, which they later sold. The Johnsons started full-time selling dietary supplements and influence after closing their lucrative dental practice. 

As a dentist, Liver Queen Barbara is the ideal candidate. Liver King started off as a boutique dentist, but he ultimately cultivated the practice to provide additional dental treatments, such as orthodontics. After selling Dental services in 2010, they changed their focus to other business endeavours.

These projects are founded on the idea of “Ancestral Living,” which refers to the way of living of early people of the world. He started work on the old content and lifestyle by portraying his character personally through apparel and eating raw stuff. This involves pushing the human body to its limits and sticking to a diet that consists solely of raw animal meat, bone marrow, and liver. 

Brian Johnson’s Business Ideas

Brian Johnson distributes protein powders and other dietary supplements manufactured from animal organs. It contends that the current diet keeps users from living their full lives. According to estimates from the public, ancestral supplements generate between $1 million and $10 million in sales.

He is a versatile character who has deep acknowledgement of his belongings and wants to convince his followers. American actor’s work is very admirable, and his influence personality is famous among entrepreneurs and business-conscious enthusiasts. Liver King before and after his social media popularity has slightly changed his lifestyle.

Medicine With joint venture partner Mark Vorderbruggen, Man is a mushroom-oriented multivitamin that generated around $1 million in revenue in its first year of business. Since Liver King is most likely a small shareholder in these businesses, his equity is thought to be worth far less.

King Career

The world watches in astonishment as the savage meets the civilized as he develops and broadens his reach. He is leading to a net worth that echoes the wildly successful results of his singular approach to content production. In childhood, he started as a business marketer by selling magazines and experienced entrepreneurial tactics. 

Supplement tycoon Liver King owns a number of businesses, including Heart and Soil, The Fittest, and Medicine Man Plant Company. A weight reduction supplement firm called Heart and Soil generates roughly $5 million in revenue, while a fitness supplement product called The Fittest generates less than $5 million.

According to reports, Liver King net worth stands at an amazing in million dollars. This is attributed to his huge fan base through social media and his various sponsorships and endorsements. 

Social Media Platforms

The rise of Liver King from relative obscurity to social media popularity is evidence of the value of following one’s own passions. He boldly pushed the limits of what was considered appropriate in the internet arena with a content niche that initially raised eyebrows. He went from being a niche influencer to a national celebrity as a result of his dedication to his art, sincerity, and uncompromising attitude. 

He was able to exhibit his distinctive identity and content style through the clever use of channels like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, attracting viewers and creating a number of chances. King uses the TikTok Platform to engage the youth who actively participate in the platform and provide quick attention.

His TikTok fan following has reached 4.8 million, which shows how the audience supports and considers him. Liver loves to share ideas and innovative strategies for the viewers to develop their interest in valuable practical exposure. 

His YouTube Channel provides shorts and videos for the viewers that contain old tribal lifestyles. He has thousands of followers on the popular social media channel Instagram, where his fan following has reached 1.7 million active audiences. He hosts various TV shows and podcasts on Instagram by sharing diverse plans and enriched business creative philosophies. 

Johnson Quotes

Johnson said. “You know what Liver King says? Start with liver, get some really good sleep, move like Liver King, eat like Liver King, shield-like Liver King. Live like the ancestral man, and you’ll have the hormone profile that’s double or triple of the manicured modern man.”

“When you hang out with primitive culture tribes who don’t know how to open a bottle of water or even know what a phone is, you are seeing people laugh more than you ever have in your life,” he said. “In the Amazon, my cameraman was hit with an arrow at his chest during a hunt. He wasn’t injured, but do you know how hard these hunters laughed? They laugh at everything. Everything is so hilarious to them.”

“I don’t give a shit if I change one person’s life,” he said. “I give a shit about changing millions of lives. The narrative we’re faced with today, whatever’s happening mainstream, is not working. I’m convinced there’s a better way to do life.”

“You got Liver King to talk to you before he came back from Africa. My guy told you no, but did you take that as is? Of course, you did not. People like us, evolutionary hunters, if they have a cause, they will find a way no matter what.”

“As the chief executive officer of the Ancestral Lifestyle, it is my responsibility to express my best and most dominant form… because 4,000 people commit suicide every day, 80,000 people attempt suicide every day, and there is perpetual hurt, hatred, suffering, and struggle along this continuum.”

“I’m the first to say that nothing about my past nor present should limit who I’ll be tomorrow, and if I’m the same person a year from now, I’ve catastrophically failed at life. When you know your “why” in the world and when you take massive action, you can become anything… even a King!”


The public and King’s contemporary content creators often criticized him for ugly and hateful feelings. Rumors of his excessive use of body supplements have been propagated for developing his body outlook and muscles. Johnson talked about his serious self-esteem issues, which drove him to take steroids and other performance-enhancing substances. 

According to some YouTubers and exposers, Liver King’s body is not naturally developing; rather, he takes steroids and has been ingesting almost $11,000 worth of the booster hormone Omnitrope per month.

Out of worry that it might harm his business, which has around five million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Liver King has denied using steroids. Johnson’s reputation for upholding an ancestral lifestyle is in peril due to his usage of steroids. It’s unclear how this information affected the Liver King net worth.


Liver King net worth is all about his total income potential achieved through popularity as a social media influencer and lifestyle content creator. He portrays old civilized characters who were the early inhabitants of the world during evolution time. His physical appearance and outlook are just like Vikings and ancient people who were struggling all the time to survive and developing a sense of living in a defensive way. 

Johnson is famous for his Liver King diet, in which he eats the raw meat of animals. Some of his followers find content daring and express their excitement passionately, while others criticize contrary to his preferences and actions. Indeed, he has a large number of followers on social media platforms who find his content sticky and according to their interests.

Many fans on these social streaming platforms provide him the confidence to bring further exciting and daring tasks like adventurous sea rides and consuming raw eatables in bulk. He sells supplements and lots of proteins for body growth and has a heavy investment in the business sector. His direct online earning is getting broader by excelling through public interest.


Who is Liver King wife?

Alias, Liver Queen is his wife and supportive personality in his career.

What is the annual income of Liver King net worth?

His earning potential and total Liver King net worth are estimated at $12 million.

What is Liver King age?

The total age of the King is 45 years.

Is Liver King a Millionaire?

He is acclaimed as a millionaire through his business and earned potential.

How tall is Liver King?

He is five feet and seven inches tall.

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