Must Have Quarantine-Proof Pantry Items to Stock

Quarantine-Proof Pantry

The year 2020 has been a huge pain for everyone, with the COVID-19 virus amassing across nations, not leaving out a single underdeveloped, developing, and fully developed nation. In a way, coronavirus has united everyone on earth. Another thing that joins the entire world together is – the love for food. Food has gone from just being an item needed for survival to being a taste that relinquishes one’s senses and makes one enjoy existence & the ability to try various cooking styles as well as cuisine types. Get detailed information about the best way to stay healthy when stuck in your home, on this website:

Having a pantry full of exquisite ingredients can take your normal everyday food taste a notch up, making it yummier than usual during these trying times. Here are a few Italian products online that you need to stock up on today. You can buy Italian products online.

  • Truffle Sauce – Essentially, truffle sauces are a blend of black truffles with fine quality of olive oil and a few other ingredients such as mushrooms or small pieces of olives. This sauce can be a jar of heaven on earth. You could easily use this in place of butter by tossing a generous amount on vegetables, salads, or even pasta. They are also celebrated as a great topping for warm bruschetta. You can even use it as a drizzle on roasted meats such as duck, goose, rabbit, and even venison.
  • Dried Porcini Mushrooms – Porcini mushrooms are so flavorsome that you’ll love how it tastes. In fact, dried porcini mushrooms are used in making many pasta-based sauces. These work especially well with both white & red pasta sauces. Using this not only adds flavor but texture to the sauce. The sauce gains girth and easily thickens as a result of using dried porcini mushrooms.
  • Italian Tagliatelle Pasta – If you are just tired making spaghetti, penne, elbow pasta, and making lasagna is too much of a work, then consider trying Italian tagliatelle pasta. Not just the regular Italian tagliatelle but also to give yourself a variety, including using squid ink tagliatelle pasta. They have a distinct flavor that comes from using squid ink and doesn’t taste like regular pasta. They give an interesting, unique & weird texture to the food, just like any restaurant food by the Amalfi Coast.
  • Syrups – For all the coffee lovers reading this, of course, we haven’t forgotten you. The love for syrups pumps in your Starbucks or any fav coffee pick-up is probably something you crave for constantly nowadays. Why not surprise your taste buds each day with a different flavored syrup in your coffee at home? Getting the white mint syrup, caramel syrup, and hazelnut syrup are exactly what you need now. Stock up these syrups in your pantry, and you can enjoy the quarantine period without having to go out for coffee or even ordering in every day.

Stock away your pantry today with all these items and use them to make sumptuous meals that taste like heaven itself. It’ll be like you missed out on – nothing. Get detailed information about the dishes that are full of nutrition, on this website:

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