Saturn (Shani) Planet Transit 2020 and 2021


About Saturn (Shani) planet

The principles of Vedic astrology suggest that Saturn or Shani is a teaching planet incorporating truth, justice, and other attributes, including realism and simplicity. This slowly-moving and malefic planet traverses across each zodiac in 2 ½ years and spends in the House nearly two years. So basically this planet takes 29.5 years to complete its cyclic transit across all 12 zodiac signs. The most and perhaps unheard attribute of Shani is that it benefits those natives who are sincere, hardworking and honest while those who are mean and dishonest can have devastating effects of Saturn in their lives. The nature of Saturn is of disciplinary that is tantamount to a teacher, and like every teacher valuing hard-working and punctual students, Shani too favors natives who are highly disciplined and workaholics in their lives.

Saturn transit

Saturn transit is also known as Gochar of Shani or Sadesati, in this context, is referred to that phase of Shani in which it transits over natal moon once in every 30 years. The impacts of Saturn transit on an individual native largely depend on the nature of transit and so, its effects are different from one native to another. Get to know Saturn (Shani) Transit 2020 and 2021 based on your moon sign and astrological details.

Also to be noted is that during Saturn transit phase, natives may experience a period of mental stress, health related issues and financial problems. However, it also teachers you to maintain spirituality, understand your life, and work hard.

Saturn transit impacts in our life

Experts predict that Saturn transit will deliver its planetary impact on every moon sign causing some people to experience auspicious results, and malefic outcomes for others in their lives. For example, Libra zodiac sign will experience good opportunities on the front of higher academic study in 2019, business expansion will increase and they are likely to have long distance travel. In addition, Libra natives are to experience an increase in their financial gains and expenses as well. Similarly the impacts of Saturn transit on every zodiac sign are different.

To have a positive experience in your life with regard to Saturn transit, it is suggested to consult an educated and experienced astrologer. Study of your horoscope and other astrological details regarding your natal can finally enable the astrologer to make a good analysis on whether Saturn transit will give you negative or positive effects in your life. The experts will also recommend energized gemstone and other effective remedies based on your horoscope chart and corresponding effects of Saturn transit.

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