The Safety Risks of Driving on Bald Tires

Driving on Bald Tires

Driving on bald tires is dangerous and could result in a serious car crash. You don’t want to be the victim of a needless car accident, so taking care of your tires is something you should do. But do you really know why you should look after your tires? Get detailed information about the most effective way of increasing the life of your vehicle’s tires, on this website:

Here are some common issues that driving on worn tires can cause.

Punctures and Blowouts

What are bald tires? Bald tires are thin and have very little to save them from getting punctured by nails, glass, rock fragments, and other road debris. This can result in blowouts—when a tire suddenly pops or explodes.

Blowouts are emergencies that can cause a car to swerve out of control, and at freeway speeds, they can be fatal.


Bald tires lack treads, which are what help keep tires on the road when it’s raining. The channels in the tires allow water to fling away from the tire, which creates better friction with the road.

When a tire wears down so much that all tread is missing, skidding becomes not just possible, but likely.

When the road surface has rain or a puddle of water, a special type of skidding called hydroplaning can happen. This means a car loses all contact with the road and anything can happen. Hydroplaning is one of the worst risks of worn tires because it is so dangerous.

Hydroplaning on a freeway can result in cars leaving the road or crossing lanes in an uncontrolled way. It can also cause cars to flip up into the air and spin around at 360+ degrees.

Nobody wants to lose control of their car this way—unless maybe they’re playing around in an empty parking lot in the snow. But while playing around in an empty parking lot may be fun, losing control on a roadway is terrifying—and worst of all, it can lead to someone getting killed.

Stopping Problems

Because bald tires decrease the friction between the tires and the road, it makes sense that a car with them will have trouble stopping. Again, no one wants to drive a car that they can’t control.

How many of us have had nightmares about not being able to stop some kind of vehicle? It’s a common theme of many people’s worst nightmares, actually.

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Failed Inspections and Legal Issues

In addition to actual mechanical failures while driving, balding tires can cause a car to fail safety inspections.

If you’ve been holding off buying new tires because you don’t want to spend the money, okay. But you should know that you’ll probably have to pay for them anyway if your car fails inspection.

It’s like this: Either replace the tires so your car is legal or don’t drive until you do! The dangers of bald tires are so serious that they’ve gotten red-flagged in safety inspections all over the country for decades.

Don’t Risk Driving on Bald Tires

Driving on bald tires is a bad practice that can get you seriously injured or even killed. So don’t risk your life! Keep your tires in good tread and replace them when they start to get worn down.

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