Top Instagram and Facebook marketing tips for your eCommerce business

Top Instagram and Facebook marketing tips for your eCommerce business

Purchasing from social media has become the new norm. Back in 2019, August, a report stated that 37% of social media users have bought something from social media.  This statistic is more than just a number. It defines the power of social media in today’s time. For businesses, this statistic is an opportunity. It tells that social media isn’t just a platform to boost traffic or post content, it’s also a powerful lead conversion tool. You can learn about the impact of social media marketing, on this website:

Why Use Social Media for Marketing?

  • Brand recognition

Creating your own brand identity is the end goal of every marketing campaign, regardless of the type of business or industry you’re a part of. Connecting with people beyond borders has never been easy. It’s easy and quick to gain attention on social media from people who aren’t looking for your brand or product.

  • Audience research

Learn about your audience and their behaviors, interests, likes, dislikes, and views on your brand and products through social media. This can also be viewed as ‘social listening’. You learn a lot about what’s important to your audience and how you can improve their experience.

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customers reach out to brands through messages on social media. It also helps businesses respond to customer queries, issues, and feedback instantly. Offering top-notch customer service isn’t easy but as long as you maintain strong communication with your customers, you’re good to go.

It’s the perfect medium to drive sales for eCommerce businesses. But it all depends on how you use social media. Here’s how you can use Facebook and Instagram to boost eCommerce sales!


  • Post Facebook ads

Reroute from posting regular content and invest in marketing ads on Facebook. As of 2020, Facebook has 2.7 billion active users every month, making it the biggest social platform in the world. This allows every retailer to target a variety of audiences. Facebook Ads is a great way to begin reaching consumers.

Targeting Facebook as a primary marketing channel gives e-commerce marketers a competitive edge in the sales area. Creating a marketing campaign takes time, effort and money so when a campaign fails to convert potential leads, it doesn’t look good in terms of ad budget. But luckily, we can now produce lucrative sales by understanding how Facebook ads work. All you need is a well-optimized campaign and you’re good to go.

Since Facebook is generally used to socialize instead of making purchases, it’s important to target the right niche and audience for your message to resonate. Start by boosting posts and remarket the ones that garnered interest. Experiment with different ad formats and test them with customer audiences.

  • Go Live on Facebook

Now Facebook allows retailers to sell products through live streaming. Feature any product you want from your product catalog in your live stream and sell it. Viewers can see the products and message you in real-time during the stream with screenshots or pictures of the products. The payment is transacted from your inbox. All you need for smooth transactions on the platform is the best internet service in town offering super-fast internet and solid communication skills!

Facebook ads and live streaming changed the game for every online retailer.

  • Broad Audience Targeting

 While ads are a great way of reaching previous website visitors, you need to put in a bit more effort to reach new potential buyers. With broad audience targeting, your ads will target those customers who have purchased or viewed similar products from other stores or those who show interest in Facebook content that shares a different brand marketing its products.

In simpler words, broad audience targeting is designed to target those users who show interest in what the brand is offering. Facebook will show relevant ads to prospects using dynamic ads.

Once you get the hang of Facebook ads, live product streaming, and broad audience targeting, Facebook can become the ultimate social marketing tool for your eCommerce business.


  • Expand your followers’ list

Growing your number of followers is common sense, but there are several perks for it on Instagram. When you land more than 10,000 Instagram followers, you have the chance to add web links to your stories. With a single swipe, the user will be redirected to the link you’ve added, which in your case, would be your website.

Ecommerce marketers get the opportunity to categorize their stories under ‘Highlights’. Simply put, these highlights act as ‘folders’ for your stories. For instance, you can create a ‘New Product Launch’ highlight and add all stories that talk about new launches. Likewise, you can make several highlights of your website such as customer reviews, bestsellers, and more.

  • Set up a Shoppable Instagram

Shopping on Instagram has never been easier. You can now set up Shoppable posts on your feed under the Shop tab and share pricing and details of your products for your followers.  Ecommerce businesses use Shoppable posts in Stories and posts to reach more profiles.

Users can visit your profile, discover and purchase products using product tags or the ‘Shop’ tab on your profile! You can boost reach and engagement by tagging the product and including all product information within the tag. This way the user won’t have to go through the hassle of asking and waiting for information.

For instance, if you’re posting an image of a model using a skincare product, you can tag the model, the item, share its name and price and add a purchase link.

  • Rely on IGTV

Instagram is redefining shopping on the platform through Reels and IGTV. You can now feature your products globally for viewers, allowing them to watch the videos and purchase the product through your website or Instagram directly. This feature streamlines the whole live shopping process helping businesses grow and expand.

To wrap it up

Social media is more than just a socializing tool. Success doesn’t happen overnight, more specifically not when you’re neglecting social media platforms. Building a brand from the ground up and creating a community isn’t easy but understanding the features and uniqueness of every platform is one way to begin! Learn more about impact of social media marketing, on this website:

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