Top Recommended Investment Banking Certification Programs in 2020


Investment banking! A career changer.

Perhaps you’ve heard people saying investment banking has been consistently a popular choice for university graduates or for those who’ve done well in finance and accounting classes.

These statements aren’t wrong.

But have you asked yourself this question? Are you a good fit for an investment banking career?

If your answer is yes, then, this is the right time to make a career progression.

According to Glassdoor 2019 research, a recruiter spends at least seven seconds to run through the candidate’s resume. And if there’s nothing informative or interesting that is written on your CV, your chance of sitting for the interview slips from your hand.

With just a glance, the recruiter gets to decide if you’re the right fit for the company. You can learn about investment and banking-related education, on this website:

Here’s how you can make it count – by earning a credible investment banking certification.

Certifications pose credible credentials that recognize and validate your knowledge and expertise. In the same manner, and investment banking certification involves a certain duration of training and education. This is ideal for both fresh graduates and working professionals.

Featuring below are renowned platforms offering a comprehensive certification program in the investment banking field.

Offered by the Columbia University imparts introductory courses in corporate finance. Taking up Professional Certificate in Corporate Finance from this platform is ideal for beginners and from the non-finance background. This course covers basic corporate finance concepts like NPC, IRR, time value of money, and capital budgeting, etc.

  • Investment Banking Certification

The New York Institute of Finance provides one of the most comprehensive learning platform ideal for analysts, interns, and associates in investment banking. This course covers basic topics like structuring and deal-making, modeling, and analysis of derivatives. Simply put, this course can be the best fit for professionals looking to get sectors like fund management, M&A, capital markets, valuation, and research, etc.

  • Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBP™)

CIBP™ certification program offered by the Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA) aims to meet the growing demand for talent in the financial world. This certification thrives to provide aspirants with skills to bridge the gap by providing the best industry-relevant training and credentials.

This investment banking certification program aims at making it understandable and accessible for everyone looking to make a career shift. The program offers a unique blend of knowledge and expertise in the finance field. If you are to invest and get into an influential career, then choosing investment banking as your career is by far the best choice you’ve made. The CIBP™ certification program is ideal for both early job seekers and experienced investment banking professionals. It is self-paced; therefore, you can learn and acquire knowledge according to your convenient timings.

CIBP™ certification begins by teaching the budding aspirants with the fundamental principles then move quickly to advanced topics that are easily applied even at workplaces.

  • Chartered Investment Banking Analyst

This certification program is again offered by the New York Institute of Finance. The program provided by this institute imparts knowledge ranging from financial and management accounting, forecasting, structuring, documentation, and even advanced excel. It teaches you all you need to know as an entry-level professional looking to make a career transition in the investment banking field.

Truth be told: Many professionals are drawn to investment banking because of the money. The reason why the salary and compensation of investment bankers are on the higher range. As an investment banking analyst, the individual can make around USD 155K to USD 205K in a year or two.

It is not an easy scheme to make money – it is all about the time and efforts you give in while you become an investment banker.

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