Where Are Stuhrling Watches Made?

Stuhrling Watches

Stuhrling watches have gained popularity among watch enthusiasts for their distinctive designs, affordable pricing, and perceived value. However, there has been some confusion and debate surrounding the origin and manufacturing of Stuhrling watches. To delve into the topic and provide clarity, let’s explore the question: “Where are Stuhrling watches made?”

Stuhrling Original, the company behind Stuhrling watches, was founded in 1999 by Chaim Fischer with the aim of producing high-quality, stylish timepieces at affordable prices. While Stuhrling Original is a U.S.-based company, it’s important to understand that most Stuhrling watches are not made in the United States. Instead, Stuhrling Original sources components and assembles its watches using a global supply chain.

The manufacturing process of Stuhrling watches involves several stages, starting from the sourcing of components to the final assembly. Let’s examine each step:

Component Sourcing:

Stuhrling Original obtains watch components, such as movements, dials, hands, crystals, and straps, from various suppliers around the world. These suppliers may be located in countries known for their expertise in watchmaking, including Switzerland, China, Japan, and others. The choice of components can vary depending on the specific model and series of the Stuhrling watch.


Once the components are sourced, they are shipped to Stuhrling’s facilities for assembly. Stuhrling Original has assembly facilities in several countries, including the United States and Switzerland. It’s worth noting that while some assembly operations may take place in the United States, the majority of Stuhrling watches are assembled in China. This is a common practice in the watch industry, as China has well-established expertise in watch assembly and production.

Quality Control:

Stuhrling Original takes pride in ensuring quality control throughout the manufacturing process. The company implements rigorous testing and inspection procedures to maintain consistent quality standards. This includes checking the accuracy of the movements, the durability of the components, and the overall functionality of the watches.

Affordable Luxury

It’s important to understand that Stuhrling watches fall into the category of “affordable luxury” timepieces, meaning they aim to offer the aesthetic appeal and quality of high-end watches at a more accessible price point. This business model often involves outsourcing certain manufacturing processes to keep costs lower while still maintaining a desirable level of quality.

While Stuhrling watches are not considered “Swiss Made,” which typically implies that at least 60% of the watch’s manufacturing costs are incurred in Switzerland, some Stuhrling models feature Swiss movements. These movements are sourced from Swiss manufacturers, renowned for their expertise in watchmaking and precision. Incorporating Swiss movements allows Stuhrling watches to offer enhanced accuracy and reliability.

It’s worth noting that Stuhrling Original has faced criticism and scrutiny from some watch enthusiasts who argue that the company’s marketing and branding may create misconceptions about the origin and craftsmanship of their timepieces. However, it is essential to recognize that Stuhrling watches provide an entry point for individuals seeking stylish and affordable watches with distinct designs.


In conclusion, while Stuhrling Original is a U.S.-based watch company, most Stuhrling watches are not made in the United States. Instead, the company sources components globally and assembles the watches in various locations, primarily in China. Stuhrling Original prioritizes quality control to ensure their watches meet their standards. By understanding the manufacturing process and the positioning of Stuhrling watches in the market, consumers can make informed decisions when considering a Stuhrling timepiece for their collection.

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