Who to Call When You Need to Remove Junk Cars

Who to Call When You Need to Remove Junk Cars

Do you have a junk car that takes up space on your property?

Your old and seemingly useless car can end up becoming useful once it reaches the junk shop. Interestingly, up to 80% of your car’s composition is recyclable. It’s why over 14 million tons of recycled steel come from junk vehicles.

These facts are motivating, especially for the environmentally conscious. However, who should you call to remove junk cars?

Continue reading below as we guide you on how to prepare to remove junk cars on your property.

Don’t Call the Junkyard Yet

Who should you call if you want to remove junk cars? Most people may answer the junkyard. If you want to get rid of your old vehicles quickly, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of contacting the nearest junkyard to give the care for free.

However, your seemingly worthless pile of metal still has some value. You can still make some money through junk car removal for cash. No matter how scrappy your vehicle is, you’ll always get a willing buyer.

The first person to call is someone who knows a lot about cars. Find a friend, relative, or colleague knowledgeable about your vehicle’s value. It will keep you from giving away a classic vehicle worth a small fortune.

After getting a fair valuation, call up different companies buying junk vehicles. Junk car removal companies may give varying offers for the same car. Some offer higher rates than others.

Contact at least three companies to compare their offers. Go for the one with the best rates. If you have several junk cars, find companies salvaging auto lots.

However, some old car owners only want to get rid of their vehicles and nothing more. If you’re one of them, contact your local towing company. Arrange for a pickup of your vehicle.

If you’re lucky, the tow truck company may remove junk cars without charging a single dollar.

How to Prep Before the Removal

Before the actual removal of the vehicle, you must do some important tasks. Ensure you have no personal belongings left inside the vehicle. Scan every corner thoroughly.

It may surprise you to see some long-lost items for years past. You may also have some precious documents you forgot to take out. Some car owners leave their belongings inside their old car, thinking the items won’t go anywhere.

However, you risk forgetting about these things. Thus, check the key areas of your car’s interior. Start with the glove compartment and the center console.

Do the same thing with the rear console, the overhead console, and the door pockets. Don’t forget the dashboard, sun visors, and the car’s underside. Look between the seatbacks and seat bottoms.

Next, prepare your car’s paperwork. It’s essential if you want to make some money out of your junk vehicle. To start, prepare the car title.

It serves as your proof of ownership of the vehicle. While you can still sell your old car without a title, you have to go through a much longer process.

Also, failing to transfer ownership of the car to the junkyard can lead to more headaches. You may face certain liabilities since you remain the vehicle’s legal owner. Get detailed information about the best practices to carry out before switching your vehicle, on this website:

Upon surrendering the vehicle and title, bring a valid ID for verification.

Can You Remove Junk Cars Without a Title?

What’s the process if you don’t have the title on hand?

Some people get away with it if they find a junkyard without strict guidelines about the title. However, there’s another instance requiring no title for the car’s transfer to the junkyard.

Some areas in the country only require a title until the vehicle reaches a certain age. If your car already exceeded the age limit, you won’t need a car title for the transfer. All you need is a copy of your valid ID, your driver’s license, and your car’s old vehicle registration.

Benefits of Hiring a Junk Car Removal Service Provider

What are the key benefits of hiring a junk car service? For starters, they offer a convenient way of getting rid of your vehicle. They will come to your place at your designated time.

They will pick up your vehicle and give you the money before leaving. They come with the necessary equipment to ensure a fast and efficient vehicle pick-up.

As we mentioned earlier, your car is highly recyclable. More junkyards in the country are also shifting to recycled steel. In turn, you’re helping the environment reduce unwanted wastes.

If you’re searching for the best site for car removal, click on the link to find out more.

Important Reminders

Keep in mind, junk car removal requires your due diligence. Some local junkyards may be out to scam you through unethical practices. For example, towing should already be part of the initial quote.

Don’t agree if the junkyard demands a separate fee for towing. If they charge you extra, go to the next company on your list.

Don’t allow any delays to your payment. The rule of thumb is to get the payment before the car removal company leaves your premises with the vehicle.

Stick to licensed junk car dealers. Unlicensed ones may rebuild your car and make it passable as a used vehicle. In doing so, they will “wash” your car title to make the transfer clean.

It’s problematic when the car injures or kills someone since authorities can trace it back to you.

Learn More About Proper Car Care

Now you know who to call and what to expect when you remove junk cars. It allows you to make the necessary preparations for a seamless process.

If your vehicles are in great shape, focus on proper car care.

Do you need more car-related guides? Check out our other articles on car maintenance. We have tips to prolong your vehicle’s service lifespan.

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