Why I prefer to buy my beauty products online!

beauty products online

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, I appreciate the opportunity to buy clothes, household items, and beauty products online from and so much more! I want 1- as little as possible among the people because of the risk of contamination, 2- I don’t have to go through the wind or rain (enjoy shopping from your lazy desk chair or bed) and 3- you don’t have to look for an (expensive) parking space. Online shopping is simply very practical. You can learn about the skin care products and services, on this website:

Physical store or webshop?

In all fairness: for some beauty products, a physical store is sometimes more convenient. Especially when it comes to certain make-up such as foundation. Especially if you go to a perfumery where you can test everything together with the seller. They often see better which shade suits your skin there. Not unimportant when buying a foundation: what is the undertone of your skin? Does that shade suit your skin, and how does it feel? Nowadays I don’t like to buy mascara or lipstick at a drugstore, I regularly see the ladies test everything directly on their face, which of course is not hygienic. If I do buy something, I will, of course, check whether the seal of the packaging is not broken. Especially now!

Beauty Deals:

The best part while shopping for online beauty products is certain deals which you may crack and get huge discounts on certain products. It is best as you will definitely get the product at a discounted price from its real price. It is always recommended that you do not lose the certain beauty product offers at atomee which you get online only.

Do some research first …

When in doubt about an online purchase, you can find so much information on the world wide web, including reviews from bloggers (like the undersigned). On their written blog and/or via a YouTube video.

I gobble up all the information that can be found on the internet. If there are 5 influencers super enthusiastic about a product and 1 doesn’t like it at all, then I start to have doubts. For example, if 3 bloggers seriously advise against the product, I will continue to search for a replacement product.

Of course, I continue to enjoy going to the city or a shopping centre, although I must say that I always do targeted shopping. So with a fixed goal. And if I come across other fun things along the way, that’s a bonus. Except for your wallet, haha, I want to make another impulse purchase.

Webshop (s)

Shopping in a webshop such as HBB24 is just as fun and done faster. You don’t have to go through that dirty rain, wind or cold and you don’t have to carry heavy bags with you.

At HBB24 (Hair & Body Beauty) you have a very wide choice of products for your skin, hair, health, hand and nail products, fragrances and make-up. Wonderful to view all those products! With hair products, for example, you can think of shampoos, hair dye, styling products, hairdressing supplies (think of hairdryers, hair extensions, curlers, etc.).


They even have things to perm your hair! It has been a long time since my hair was curled, I see that you can now do that at home too. (With the help of your girlfriend or your friend/neighbour 😉

Maybe I’ll give it a try when my hair is a bit longer, you know I won’t turn my hand to get another cut. And if I find the result too intense, I can restore my hair with Olaplex.

Wide choice if you are looking for a (Christmas) gift!

It’s great that they also sell Rituals, delicious for yourself or as a gift for your loved one under the Christmas tree. Time flies before you know it all houses are bathed in the light again by all those cheerful Christmas lights. As far as I am concerned, Rituals (still) has the tastiest pampering products with scents that I often describe with the “oomph” factor because they linger for so long. I think I’ll give myself a Rituals candle or scented sticks this Christmas; a person should pamper himself now and then, don’t you agree?

I’m staying indoors, for the time being, I don’t feel like trudging through the rain. I think you can only pick up your order at Rituals at the moment, you probably are not allowed in the store. Understandable, especially because you can test a lot there.

I will have my Rituals candle delivered by my own postman this year. Nice and relaxed in my home suit or pyjamas (to avoid confusion, I wear that of course, not my postman, hihi!)

You can learn about the many benefits of buying skin care products from eCommerce stores, on this website:

Learn more about the online platforms that provides the trending products at whole sale prices, on this website:

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