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Why it is Difficult to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Many people smoke cigarettes around the world, which has led to its high demand. Tobacco cigarettes are known to harm one’s body. Although cigarettes usually come with a warning on their danger when used, many people tend to ignore them. Many people daily end up being addicted to smoking, which puts them at risks that can be avoided by quitting the habit. Many of the people who smoke at some point think of quitting, but they mostly end up being unsuccessful. Here are the reasons why quitting smoking has proven to be difficult for many people. Learn more about Why it is Difficult to Quit Smoking at

It Is Highly Addictive

One of the primary reasons that make people use tobacco cigarettes daily even if they are aware of the danger they are exposing themselves to is that cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is a very addictive substance that hooks people to the habit of smoking and creates a sense of dependency. Thus, one will feel the need to smoke now and then to function normally. Nicotine may be considered as not lethal to the body, but what makes cigarettes dangerous are the numerous toxic chemicals found in them, which include carbon monoxide and tar. Addiction to nicotine has made quitting cigarettes a tough thing to accomplish. You can learn about the many reasons to stop smoking right now, on this website:


Another reason why cigarette users find it hard to quit smoking is that when they stop, they experience withdrawal. Since the body has become addicted to nicotine, once you stop using cigarettes, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are primarily experienced in the early stages when one stops using cigarettes. They include headaches, a change in appetite, and coughing. Many people find it hard to withstand withdrawal symptoms that tend to come when they quit, which results in them going back to smoking. To withstand withdrawal symptoms, you should consider using nicotine replacements products like patches and gum. You can also use e-cigarettes and vape pens, which are found easily on online platforms like ePuffer. They have proven to be significant in helping many people quit smoking for good. When faced with withdrawal, you should not give in to your urges since they do not last for long.


Another factor that makes quitting smoking a hard task to accomplish is triggers. Smoking triggers are the things and activities that tend to bring the urge to smoke. Although withdrawal symptoms end after a short period, smoking craving tends to stay for a long time. The things that may trigger smoking vary from one person to another and may include doing certain activities like drinking alcohol or even seeing someone else smoke. Many people find themselves smoking cigarettes when they are under stress or want to relax, which makes quitting a challenge since people find themselves in dilemmas and stressful situations most of the time. People are advised to refrain from engaging in things that may stress them or find alternative means to keep themselves busy like participating in games and sports. To discover more regarding how to deal with stress when you quit smoking, visit this website:


Smoking is very harmful, and the earlier you quit, the higher your chance of staying healthy. You should always seek advice from professionals when quitting. Joining a help group for support is essential. If you’re curious to learn more about Why Quitting Smoking Is So Difficult, go here

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