Why You Should Get Mixbook Photo Books

Mixbook Photo Books

There are many photo book brands available offering different services. What makes MixBook stand out is its worldwide photo books availability. The company has several printing stations worldwide; therefore, clients can conveniently access products without having to ship them from the United States only.

The History of Mixbook

The company was founded in 2006 to help students creatively create and customize their yearbooks. However, the MixBook editor gained increasing popularity, and MixBook grew into one of the biggest and well-known photo book companies.

Calendars and photo cards joined the Mixbook range of products in 2010, and in 2012, Mosaic was launched to help create simple photo books.

In 2013, MixBook developed Montage. Although similar to Mosaic, Montage is a desktop editor, therefore, provides server-high printing, so the quality is far better than with Mosaic.

In 2015, MixBook added photo print and canvases into its range of products.

Available covers for Mixbook photo books

  1. Softcover books

These books are the cheapest of the MixBook range and do not completely open because they are perfectly bound using glue in the spine. The paper used is usually semi-gloss of 100 lb. weight. The softcover books have no logo on the back.

  1. Hardcover books

These photo books are fully customizable, containing 100 lb. paper, and further sub-categorized into:

  • The standard glossy hardcover
  • Hardcover with glossy dust jacket
  • The premium leather cover with matte dust jacket

The leather cover is usually black, giving the photo book an elegant appearance. Additional information, including the title, logo, and design is on the dust jacket.

  1. Lay Flat books

The most expensive MixBook photo books are the flat lay ones that completely open and offer a continuous flow of content without getting lost in the middle. These books are expensive because they are incredibly thick to add rigidity and prevent them from bending. Therefore, a lot of material goes into production. Although these books do not contain many pages, they are extremely durable and rarely wear and tear.

Mixbook photo book sizing

The standard MixBook photo books come in eight sizes, including:

  • 8X6 inches
  • 8.5X8.5 inches (Square)
  • 11X8.5 inches (The standard landscape)
  • 8.5X11 inches (Portrait)
  • 12X12 inches
  • 10X10 inches
  • 14×11 inches (The largest landscape size)
  • 14X14 inches (The largest square)
  1. Mosaic books

This brand is a subsidiary of MixBook. Mosaic books can be made online on the website and usually have a distinguished look comprising a signature cover with holes cut through the front showcasing a collage of some of the pictures inside the photo book. The cover is usually in black with no information on the back and spine. Mosaic books are lay-flat perfect bound books. However, the book only accommodates 20 pages and allows for only one photo per page with no additional layout.

  1. Montage books

These books come in a leather cover with the back bottom cover having the montage logo and the front cover containing a collage of randomly selected pictures. The first page of the book comprises a matrix of photos. Montage books have a basic, minimalistic, and elegant layout.

MixBook editor is diverse; therefore, its photo books can fit anyone. Get a copy of your preferred MixBook photo book today.

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