Workers’ Compensation – What Should You Do After Getting Hurt at Your Job?

Hurt at Job

Getting minor injuries at work is pretty frequent and occurs all the time, and we tend to overlook them too. Sometimes, a minor injury turns into a severe and complicated health problem that pins you into spending more than what you usually earn in your medical bills.

If you are a working professional from Washington who suffered from the workplace injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is advisable to consult a qualified lawyer from Albrecht Law at 5105 E 3rd Ave, Suite 101 Spokane, Washington. Your hired lawyer will ensure that you get fair compensation for all the damages you faced, or refer you to someone else who can if they can’t.

What should you do after getting injured at your job?

Here are a few rights that you have if you get hurt while working:

  1. Registering an accident report: The moment you get involved and get hurt in an accident, you must report it to your employer. This is because different states have specific deadlines to get compensation for your injury. While you are registering a report, your employer will provide a form where you will have to provide all the details of the incident and the severity of the injury. Based on that, you will get your compensation. Once you have filled the report, you should ensure that you get a copy to document everything and present it to your lawyer.
  2. Seek medical attention: It is best to get yourself diagnosed after the accident, as you may never know that the slightest injury can turn into an unavoidable health issue in the future. While you are getting yourself diagnosed, we will suggest you collect all the medical reports and medical bills so that you can submit them to the insurance company, the employer, and to your lawyer too, if your claim gets rejected.
  3. Get a workers’ compensation lawyer: There is a very high possibility that you will reach out to your insurance companies after the incident, but these insurance companies and your employer will try finding a loophole to make you settle for less or reject your claim. To avoid all this situation from the initial stage, you must get an experienced worker compensation lawyer. Your attorney will go through your incident and prepare a solid and presentable case using their skill and experience to get you what you deserve.

Filing workers’ compensation can be challenging and a long procedure. Ensure that you are backed by a lawyer to get the justice you deserve.

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