10 top Remote Programming Job to apply in 2020

Remote Programming Job

It could be that you are an aspiring or experienced programmer looking for Remote Jobs Programming. If you can solve problems, fix obstacle or issues, then you can enjoy career in coding. If you prefer creation of appealing and unique digital work, then you can have creative tech career. Most tech careers allow you to work remotely from anywhere. There are several tech related remote jobs that requires you to use a laptop, smartphone and good internet connection. You can stay where you are and complete your tasks on time and earn decent income. You can learn about programming-related skills and how to polish them to land your dream job, on this website:

10 tech focused careers you can apply

  • Web developer: The job involves writing codes to power back end & front end of web applications & websites. You need to use front end tools and several back end programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Average salary offered is $71,000.
  • Front End Developer: You are expected to write codes for visible parts of a site. They are various elements including animated icons, buttons and text. You need to have knowledge in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. You are to create codes to control the website’s functions and looks. Average salary is around $100,000 annually.
  • WordPress Developer: You need to use popular CMS (Content Management System) tools available to write site codes. Average annual salary offered is around $82,000.
  • JavaScript Developer: You need to write codes to function as logical front end of the website. You are expected to be a specialist in certain frameworks or libraries, like React.js. Average annual salary is $111,000.
  • Digital Marketer: Your responsibility is to help companies to locate & retain prospective customers. You need to use email marketing, SEO (Social Engine Optimization), content marketing and social media. You need to come up with social media campaigns, create advertising and learn customer’s specific needs. The objective here is to draw customers in huge numbers to the client’s business and make them loyal & satisfied. Average annual salary offered is $60,000.
  • Python Developer: It is among the most demanded jobs in today’s tech world. Your task is to develop web applications, data visualizations for certain niche fields like finance, machine learning, scientific research, etc. Average annual salary is $110,000.
  • Visual Designer: Your responsibility is to take care of the feel & look of apps & websites. Work includes logos, wireframes, icons, infographics and different digital products. Average annual salary is around $70,000.
  • Ruby Developer: Your task involves coding web apps for different websites. Average salary offered is $110,000 annually.
  • UX Designer: These professionals are said to perform thinking and legwork required to ensure providing users with optimized satisfactory experiences. Your task involves carrying out tests, research and improves overall user experience. Average salary offered is around $88,000 annually.
  • Web Designer: Your task involves coding & designing websites to make them appear great and functional on all available devices. You need to use design principles, CSS & HTML and responsive design. Average salary offered is around $71,000 annually.

Hence, with the myriads of benefits offered by Remote Programming Job, you are sure to enjoy your career and life. Learn more about the best and in-demand skills you can learn, on this website:

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