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Technology has been ruling in the present era. No aspect of life and business is remaining untouched from it. The insurance industry is no exception. The latest technology is artificial intelligence which is adopted on a large scale by almost all industries. In the insurance industry of India, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is the second company to embrace it and enhance the customer experience of its clients. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is the first Indian insurance company to launch this Chatbot. Its Chatbot is known as ‘BOING.’ Get detailed information about various digital technologies that are released to make your daily life even easier, on this website:

Within a short span of time, HDFC ERGO has grown exceptionally and is today, reputed as the third largest non-life insurance provider from the private sector. The brand has been continually striving to enhance the experience of its customers by simplifying things as much as possible. Going forward in this direction, the insurance provider launched its own Chatbot ‘DIA’ on Google Assistant. The Chatbot is enabled by Artificial Intelligence, i.e., AI and runs on Amazon voice platform, Alexa.

The Chatbot is indeed a revolutionary feature in the niche of customer assistance. Using it, the customers can quickly assess all information regarding their insurance policies. They can also put forward their query using voice commands and get the right information. For better understanding, let us take an example. Suppose you need to find the nearest HDFC ERGO branch or its nearest network hospital, you can directly ask the Chatbot and get the answer. The service is so seamless that you can even ask for a copy of your insurance policy and be assured of getting it on your registered email as per the rules and regulations.

The Chatbot service will remain open to the customers 24/7. All one needs to do is go to Google Assistant and issue the voice command- “Ok Google, Talk to HDFC ERGO.” The service not only recognizes voice command but also identifies queries through device keyboard inputs. The service can be assessed from laptop, Smartphones or any other device in which Google Home with Google Assistant is installed. In case it is not present, you can easily download and install it for an exceptional experience.

Ritesh Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, HDFC ERGO, spoke about this latest development of the brand. He commented, “At HDFC ERGO, the customer is at the core of all that we do and hence we are always exploring new trends and opportunities to ensure we reach out and offer the best experience possible. Leveraging newer platforms, like Google Assistant, to help provide customers with richer experiences and simplified solutions therefore, becomes imperative for us. The integration ‘DIA’ with Google Assistant is a step in this direction to reach out to the large and wide spread audience who have mobile devices and engage with them to provide a 24/7 support for all their general insurance related queries.”

In India, even though text-based chatbots are still in the early stages, Voice activated Virtual Assistants and bots have already made their presence felt. The phenomenon can be easily understood because of its distinct advantages. Since voice communication comes naturally to human beings; any voice interface will have the power to provide a more intuitive and engaging experience. Moreover, giving a voice command takes far less time and effort than typing in the texts.

It is because of this ease that a survey indicated the penetration of Digital Voice Assistant (DVA) crossing the penetration rate of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China and Brazil. According to experts, the results strongly indicate that many Indian organizations will leapfrog text chatbots to board the voice bots bandwagon directly. Already, 39% of the online Indian population is expected to be using the DVA by the end of 2018, going by the 2018 Digital Consumer Survey by Accenture.

HDFC ERGO has long ago recognized the power of technology. It started experimenting with the AI-enabled Chatbot, DIA on Google Assistant from October 2017 by using them for their banking services. Now it has been integrated into their insurance services as well. The move has definitely raised the bar for an enhanced customer service experience. The future success of it would depend mainly on the brand’s ability to localize. However, for the present, HDFC Ergo has leaped ahead and pleased its customers to a whole new level. Learn more about the features and functionalities of different assistant devices, on this website:

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