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Deep Dive: Significant Facts You Didn’t Know Regarding Allergies


Did you ever wonder how many bacteria or allergens settle in your upholstery or carpets every day? Or have you ever wondered how much amount of money do people spend every year on allergy medications? No, right? Well, we are here to answer those questions. Check out the website For additional information on Significant Facts, which you didn’t know about allergies.

In this article guide, we will be going through some of the significant facts that you should be knowing about allergies – with the help of wool rug cleaning services.

The Overall Prevalence Of Allergies Around The World

  • It has been reported that every one in five people around the world deals with allergies. Moreover, it’s also the fifth leading type of chronic disease around the world.
  • Every year, people around the world spend around an average of $11 billion on medicines, along with $1.3 billion in allergy-related appointments with the doctors.
  • For most of the people out there, they spend their time indoors rather than outdoors. And it has been reported that indoors can two to hundred times more polluted than the outside.
  • Around 40 million people around the world suffer from seasonal outdoor or indoor allergies and the overall number is still growing. Since the year 1970, the number of allergy victims has grown multi-folds.

The Crazy Statistics On Allergens

  • Pet Dander – Around five to ten per cent of the people around the world are allergic when it comes to dealing with pet dander – even though they have a dog or cat in their homes.
  • Pollen – Around one per seven people have allergies against pollen. Pollen is generally transferred from the outdoors to the indoors with the help of pets, wind, hair clothes and other procedures.
  • Bacteria – The average square-inch of a carpet has around 200,000 bacteria living inside of it. That’s almost 4000 times more than a usual square-inch of a toilet seat.
  • Dust Mites – Dust can be found anywhere around your home and about 20 million around the world have dust mite allergy. These mites are usually small and almost 2000 of them can live inside one ounce of carpet dirt.
  • Mould – 70 per cent of homes around the world have mould growing inside of them. Mould is also to be blamed for more than 93 per cent of sinus infections around the world.
  • Dirt – Even if you have a carpet that looks clean on the inside, but will be a lot dirtier on the inside. This is because carpet and rugs trap dirt inside of their fibres.

The Ways To Keep Allergens Out Of Your Home

  • Use doormats and rugs in high-traffic entry and exit ways.
  • Weekly vacuum your home for cleaning purposes.
  • Clean your furniture every three to four months.
  • Keep your pets bathed and washed regularly.
  • Replace air filter of air conditioning units regularly.
  • Keep doors and windows closed if not necessary.

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