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The enticing benefits of bamboo floors that you probably didn’t know about!

bamboo floors

An alluring home decor is always dependent on attractive flooring! And the material you choose for your floor obviously plays a lead role here. But that is just the visual beauty, what about the long life? Don’t we always want our floors to last for decades after installation? Maybe these are the reasons why hardwood floorings are so popular across the world! But what if we said that we have a flooring option that is as stunning as hardwood, even lasts for years and doesn’t cost you a bomb like timber? Yes! It is possible and that great alternative of timber is bamboo, the flooring which is gaining lots of favoritism recently. You can learn about the many kinds of flooring that can greatly impact the overall looks of your home’s interior, on this website: http://www.thehomepicz.com

Ø Reasons why bamboo floors are gaining so much popularity recently!

Of course, you would have heard about timber flooring in Auckland from Plantation Bamboo a lot because of their variety and quality! It’s but natural that their bamboo flooring options too are of excellent quality and hence are winning hearts all over. And if you want to know why, read on!

o Bamboo fits your budget — The great alternative for hardwood, bamboo floors are very cost effective options. They come at lesser rates compared to timber and therefore are preferred by a large number of homeowners across the world.

o They look classy — Bamboo floors look enticing in any kind of home and are available in huge variants to match your décor. Being similar looking to hardwood, you can also get that visual feel of installing the expensive timber in your home.

o Super easy to install — Weren’t we talking of low budget? Well, you save again! Not only in buying the bamboo, but also in installing them. Since the manual labour isn’t much, you can be rest assured of the low labour charges too.

o Bug and moisture resistant— As long as you aren’t creating a pool of water on your bamboo floor for hours, you can enjoy these floors in their intact condition. Bamboo floors can bear water and moisture better than other hardwoods. Also, since moisture doesn’t seep into this floor, bugs aren’t an issue either.

o Bamboo is an eco friendly option— Another great benefit of bamboo is that it is sustainable and doesn’t harm nature as much as hardwood does. It’s an eco friendly flooring option and very widely available and used by green home lovers.

o Easy to maintain — We all love flooring that doesn’t tax us much! Bamboo is easy to maintain and clean. They just need a regular mop and dusting to prevent dirt from sinking deep into the layers.

o Lasts for years —Well, as you read the above qualities, you would have understood that bamboo is super tough! You can’t budge it with water or insects and minor scratches. This makes it a highly durable flooring option.

Impressed? Well, bamboo floors surely deserve that! This naturally available alternative of hardwood makes your life so simpler after being installed in your home. And with its attractive aesthetics, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off these once your floors are laid. Learn more about different types of floors and ceilings, on this website: www.thehomezoo.net

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