Disadvantages of the Chromebook

Disadvantages of the Chromebook

It seems good to have a Chromebook but the technology experts will always remind you that there’s nothing like a perfect gadget. Below are some reasons why that people are hesitant to buy Chromebooks. You can learn about the limitations of dedicated operating system devices, on this website:

1. There is no Optical Drive

A DVD/CD drive is rapidly disappearing into the past thanks to new laptops, however, if you truly require one and need to frequently use it be aware that you can’t get one on the Chromebook.

2.  No Photoshop

In the same way, if an avid user or frequent user of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or any other Adobe desktop software applications You will have to find an equivalent online software.

Apps such as Pixlr and the online Photoshop Express Editor, are ideal for family photos that require no editing, but they do not have the features of Adobe’s most popular editing software. Adobe is currently bringing Photoshop online however, it’s not equipped with all the features available in the desktop application and is available only for Creative Cloud subscribers.

3. Video Editing

There are several good online video editors you could make use of on the Chromebook. If you want better control over the media or work with a large amount of HD footage and HD video, the Chromebook may not provide the power you require because there aren’t any offline editors such as iMovie, Premiere Elements, or Windows Movie Maker.

4. Storage

Chromebooks usually have only 32GB of storage local to them. This limits storage to keep the cost down as components are less expensive. But, Google wants you to keep your data in the cloud. That is why they often offer 100GB of online storage free when you purchase new Chromebooks.

5. Office

If you are a fan of Microsoft Office products, a Chromebook is probably not the right choice for you. In the alternative, Google recommends that you utilize its Online suite of similar Office applications. A lot of these services are similar to the components of Microsoft Office however they aren’t equipped with features you have come to depend on.

While you can access Office Online, the Android versions of Office apps or Office Online services do not have the full capabilities of their desktop counterparts. If you want to get more information about our site then visit

Learn more about different types of Operating Systems (OS) and gadgets, on this website:

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