Factors impacting an injury claim

injury claim

If a person sustains injuries due to negligent actions of another person, they have the legal option of filing for a claim and getting compensated for the damages. The amount of the claim differs from case to case depending on several factors and to get the maximum amount, you must hire an expert like Naqvi accident injury law attorney.

Compensation for injury

The law has no fixed amount for any injury in accident cases and there are several factors that are considered to finalize the amount of the claim. This is the reason why it is not feasible to have set amounts for the claim money and there are different approaches to awarding the compensation to the plaintiff.

Let’s have a look at the factors that impact the amount of the claim.

How serious is the injury?

How severe an injury is, has a direct correlation to the compensation amount being awarded; the more serious injuries are awarded higher amounts than the others because they cause more suffering and pain. They also take a longer time to recover which means they are causing more damage financially as the person will not even be able to go to work. Say for example if a person gets a spinal injury in an accident will be entitled to more compensation than a person who suffers a soft tissue injury.

What are the medical expenses?

All the medical expenses incurred due to the accident-related injury are supposed to be reimbursed by the negligent party. This even includes any ongoing medical expenses like physiotherapy sessions. The travel expenses are also expected to be compensated for by the party which is at fault.

What income have you lost?

The injuries cause you to take unpaid leave, so, the salary of the lost days has to be covered in the claim to compensate for the lost salary.

What opportunities have you lost?

The pain due to an injury does not cause you to just lose the salary but causes you to miss out on employee bonuses and promotional opportunities; these also factor in when the amount for the claim is being calculated.

There are several other factors like emotional and mental trauma caused, property damage, damage done to the vehicle, the cost of home care, and others are considered while devising the claim for an accident case.

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