Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Seattle: Avoid These Mistakes

personal injury claim

Your life could change drastically after an unfortunate accident in Seattle, and if someone else is liable for your losses, you need to consider seeking compensation. Washington laws are geared towards victims and may sound easy on paper. However, filing a personal injury claim and recovering compensation can be challenging tasks. We recommend that you avoid the mistakes listed below when dealing with such circumstances.

  • Not seeking a case assessment: Many injury law firms in Seattle will be happy to assess and check your case for FREE. You need to know the worth of your claim and how to proceed further, and the advice and insights of a competent attorney are indispensable.
  • Not focusing on medical care: You may end up spending thousands of dollars on your medical bills and treatments, but unless you have documented everything, your claim is at stake. It is also pertinent that you keep up with your doctor’s treatment plan.
  • Not reporting the incident: You must inform the local police, the premise owner, insurance companies, and other relevant parties after an accident. Keep in mind that your action after the mishap is a critical factor for getting a fair outcome. Each personal injury incident is unique in that context.
  • Not negotiating enough: Insurance companies are absolutely ruthless when it comes to paying claimants, and the claims adjuster will do everything to reduce the final compensation. If you accept the first offer, you are giving up too early. Negotiate extensively before you agree.
  • Not hiring an attorney: Getting an attorney is not expensive. You don’t have to pay an immediate fee, and if you win, the lawyer will ask for a part of the settlement. The contingency arrangement is standard and allows you to get legal help without an upfront payment. As such, not hiring a legal team can cost your claim.
  • Not sharing the whole story: Your lawyer can only help you when you are fair and transparent with them. If you hide facts, such as your share of the blame, you may end up in a bigger mess. Make sure also to give the evidence and details you have.
  • Not starting early: You have a short window before evidence and details start disappearing. If you don’t act swiftly after an accident or discovering your injury, you may not have the scope to prove the fault of the other party.

Start working on your personal injury claim now!  

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