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Stock Market

Start On The Stock Market: The Synthesis.

There are two things to avoid: advice from your bank, advice from internet users, and advice from relatives. The best way to get started on the stock market is to train yourself to find the best stocks, and to become aware of the issues and the pitfalls to avoid. Your results will depend on your ability to take a step back and not rush into the hopes of easy money. You can learn about stock trading, on this website:

Multitudes Of Approaches When You Start

Getting started on the stock market can mean a lot of things. Unfortunately, in the minds of beginners, the practice is distorted by the media or other personal experiences that come close or distant.

Investing in the stock market is above all investing. The stock market is a way for companies to finance themselves. It is an intermediary between companies and investors, as the right corner brings together sellers and buyers.

Then trading came with the acceleration of communication media and the Internet. Leading to greater price volatility.
These sudden and rapid changes fuel preconceived ideas about the unpredictability of stock markets. This often results in the perception that chance rules the stock markets.

Casino purse

Are the financial markets a casino? At least for individuals? The answer is nuanced. I am tempted to say no, but the answer would be incomplete.

For an individual without precise information at his disposal, nor the required skills, investing in the stock market and expecting gains in the days which follow is like inserting coins into a slot machine. Sometimes you will win, but the sum of the profits and losses will end up negative.

And yet, this is often what an individual who wishes to invest in the stock market will try to do. In reality, he does not invest, he plays on the stock market.


The trading is to take advantage of small price movements over short periods. Often, it is practised on expert markets such as the currency market called FOREX, or on financial derivatives: CFDs, options, futures, etc. Without going into the details of these products, because this is not the object, know that they are dangerous for beginners, but also with an intermediate skill level. These financial instruments use strong leverage effects.

Trading has no economic interest, let alone social. Its only interest is financial: it brings more liquidity to the markets.
With this simple tip:

learn about investing, rather than trading.

I would save 99% of newbies reading this money.

Active investing

Financial markets are efficient in the long run, that is, the price of a stock always ends up reaching the real value of the company. Well-managed companies, operating in growth sectors or in the future, see their economic results improving month after month, year after year. Market efficiency always rewards investors who know where to invest and be patient.

The active investor is one who does not expect short-term performance, who trusts his judgment because it is based on his knowledge. He is active because he has a methodology in place. He knows why he is buying, why he is reselling and when.

Active investing consists of following an investment strategy and keeping an eye, on a weekly or monthly basis, on the evolution of the results. He asks to act when necessary.

Passive investing

Passive investing pursues the objective of following the long-term uptrend in financial markets.

A passive investor does not seek out higher returns, he lets time do its work and benefits from the overall growth of the economy as a whole. He’s just going to do a few arbitrations, send a few stock markets orders every year, no more, no less. Learn more about the stock market investment, on this website:

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