Hiring an Employment Lawyer – Here’s Everything You Should Consider!

Employment Lawyer

Working in a hostile environment with the constant fear of being fired or bullied affects not just the performance of an employee, it also takes a toll on mental and emotional health. Whilst New Jersey does give employers the right to sack an employee without a warning, that, however, doesn’t mean that the employees do not have the protection of the law. Employers can fire employees for valid reasons only. If an employee proves otherwise, the entire organization comes under the scanner of the court.

So, instead of suffering in silence just so you aren’t fired, hire an employment lawyer in Morristown to understand your rights.

There are many scenarios that no employee, federal as well as state employees, should have to deal with. If you’re facing either of them – we have listed many such scenarios below – you have the right to file a harassment lawsuit against your employer.

  1. You’ve been denied a promotion because of your gender or age.
  2. You’re being forcefully removed from your position because you’re pregnant.
  3. You’re not being compensated with similar wages that men at the same designation as yours are getting.
  4. You’re being bullied because of your race, color, ethnicity, and sexual preferences.
  5. You’re being asked for sexual favors to get a job, keep a job, get a promotion, or not be fired.
  6. You’ve been fired because you reported illegal activities that were going on in the company.
  7. You’re being made to overwork against your will.
  8. You’re not adequately compensated for putting in extra work hours and overtime.

In every situation listed above, you need a lawyer more than anything else. The many ways to figure out which law firm and lawyers will be able to serve the justice you deserve have been compiled below. Have a look!

Experience of the Lawyers Will Have a Major Impact

Your choice of lawyer will seal your fate at the beginning itself. Always hire an attorney like David Zatuchni from the Zatuchni & Associates law firm with 2 decades of experience.

Decades of experience mean that the lawyer is competitive and very well aware of how to deal with false allegations and sway the jury in the favor of their clients.

The Intention of the Lawyers and Law Firm is Important

Would you want a money-minded lawyer to seal your fate? We hope not! Only those lawyers who fight for justice will investigate the case deeply and research for as long as it’s required to collect strong pieces of evidence.

If the law firm you’re eyeing offers a free review service for the first time so that you can meet the attorneys and discuss your concern, then, you’re heading in the right direction. Elite lawyers will never charge for the first-time case review.

To sum up, only motivated lawyers who are driven by the passion to bring justice can really help. Hence, be careful when you hire an employment attorney.

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