Three Steps You Must Take After Sustaining Injuries in a Construction Site Accident

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Constructions sites are full of hazards including dangerous materials, heavy equipment, electricity, and high elevators. Every year, a lot of construction works sustain injuries from minor cuts and bruises to serious injuries while on the site. If you sustained injuries in a construction site accident, you must know what to do after the accident to ensure you get the right compensation you deserve for your injuries. Atlanta personal injury lawyers can increase your chances of successfully recovering compensation.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Accidents that happen in construction sites can lead to serious injuries. But, no matter how fine you may feel, you must see a doctor immediately after the accident. Call 911 or let someone do it for you. Have a doctor evaluate the extent of your injuries. Injuries that occur in the head, spine, and neck may not be noticeable at first. Your doctor can run some tests to spot possible issues inside your body. Also, by seeing a doctor right away, they can begin to document your tests and treatments. Your lawyer will need your medical record that documents your injuries as support to your injury claim.

Let Your Employer Know About the Accident

A lot of injured workers may not want to report their accidents and injuries because they fear they might lose their job or immigration status. Some companies may not want incident reports especially if they show their poor safety practices. However, you should report your accident to your supervisor, so you can document the accident and expose the site’s unsafe practices to prevent future injuries. Take note of the recipient of the report and the date of submission. You may be asked to complete forms related to workers’ compensation. Do not sign forms or accept claim settlements before you consult your lawyer.

Keep Medical Records

Your injuries may require ongoing medical care, medication, and treatment. These medical needs will add up. If you cannot work, the mounting medical bills can cause you emotional stress. You should keep track of your medical records or bills and include your doctors’ names, prescribed medications, and dates of service in your documentation. Your attorney will help you recover compensation for your medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They can assess your claim, explain your rights to you, and your options for moving forward. They know the complexities of your type of accident and workers’ comp laws. Your attorney can handle the paperwork and the case investigation on your behalf, so you can focus on your recovery.

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