Larry Hoover Net Worth: A Glimpse into the Life of a Controversial Figure

Larry Hoover Net Worth

Larry Hoover net worth and life, a blend of infamy and enigma, have fascinated many. Born in 1950 and rising to notoriety as the leader of the Gangster Disciples, Hoover’s journey is a complex tale of survival, power, and controversy. This blog post delves into Hoover’s world, exploring everything from his speculated net worth and early life to his relationships and influence, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the life of one of Chicago’s most infamous figures.

Who is Larry Hoover?

Larry Hoover is a significant figure in American crime history like criminal Willie Falcon, renowned for his leadership of the Gangster Disciples, a notorious street gang based in Chicago. His story is a complex mix of fraud and notoriety, marked by his ascent within the criminal underworld.

Hoover’s life, encompassing a trajectory from a street gang member to a leader with considerable influence, has captivated both the public and law enforcement, making him a subject of enduring interest and speculation.

Real NameLarry Hoover
Age72 years
D O BNovember 30, 1950
Larry Hoover Net Worth$10 million
Height6 ft 1 inch
WifeWinndye Jenkins
GirlfriendBertha Mosby
BirthplaceJackson, Mississippi, U.S.

Larry Hoover Net Worth

Discussing Larry Hoover’s net worth is a venture into speculation and gossip. Official records and credible financial insights into his wealth are scarce, primarily due to the illegal nature of most of his earnings. However, various unconfirmed sources suggest Larry Hoover’s net worth is $10 million, acquired through his alleged criminal activities.

Early Life

The early life of Larry Hoover, a story beginning in 1950, is set against the backdrop of a small Mississippi town. Born into an era marked by significant social and racial challenges, Hoover’s formative years were an early indicator of the tumultuous path ahead. His family’s relocation to Chicago when he was just a young boy marked a turning point in his life.

The Windy City, known for its vibrant culture, was also rife with the struggles of urban life, especially for those in less affluent neighborhoods. In Chicago, Hoover was thrust into an environment with glaring socioeconomic disparities. The city’s South Side, where he grew up, was a mosaic of bustling streets, vibrant community life, and, unfortunately, the harsher realities of gang presence and violence.

These early experiences in Chicago’s challenging neighborhoods were instrumental in shaping Hoover’s worldview and later decisions. The survival skills, understanding of street politics, and the ability to navigate complex social dynamics were ingrained in him from these early days.


When it came to formal education, Hoover’s experiences were notably limited. Chicago’s public schools, especially when Hoover was of age to attend, faced numerous challenges – underfunding, overcrowding, and often a lack of resources to support students from troubled neighborhoods adequately. Hoover’s schooling was brief and was soon overshadowed by the more pressing demands of street life.

The education Hoover received was far from the classrooms and textbooks typical of American youth. Instead, his lessons were learned on the streets of Chicago, where knowledge about survival, power dynamics, and the intricacies of street gangs was crucial. This form of education, albeit unconventional, was comprehensive in its own right. It taught Hoover about loyalty, resourcefulness, and the harsh realities of life at the margins of society.

Personal Life: (Girlfriend, Wife, Kids)

Larry Hoover, well-known for his leadership in the Gangster Disciples, also had a family life that sparked curiosity. He was married to Winndye Jenkins, and they had a son named Larry Hoover Jr. Besides his marriage, Hoover had other relationships and was a father to two more children, Larry Bernard and Tyree Hoover. He also had a relationship with Bertha Gosby. These aspects of his personal life show a different side of Hoover, not just as a gang leader but also as a husband and father.

Professional Career

Considering Hoover’s activities as a ‘professional career’ might seem unconventional, but strategic moves and leadership skills marked his rise within the Gangster Disciples. His influence extended beyond Chicago, affecting the gang’s activities nationwide. His role in the gang’s operations significantly contributed to speculations about his net worth.

Age, Height, and Weight

At 72 years old, Larry Hoover, the former leader of the Gangster Disciples, stands at an imposing height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighs approximately 90 kg. However, given his long-term incarceration, there have been few opportunities for the public to see him in recent years. This lack of visibility means that current information about his physical appearance is limited.

The image of Hoover that remains in the public mind is thus more connected to his past and the legacy he left behind rather than his present state.

Social Media Profiles

Given his incarceration and era, Hoover does not have a personal presence on social media platforms. Any existing profiles are either managed by supporters or are unofficial pages, offering insights into his life and the legacy he has left in the streets of Chicago.


In summing up Larry Hoover’s net worth, it’s essential to recognize the blend of fact and myth surrounding him. His journey from the streets of Chicago to a figure of national notoriety tells a story beyond mere numbers. While his net worth figures are significant, Hoover’s impact on the streets and the criminal world is undeniable. Hoover’s story serves as a complex tapestry, reflecting the challenging dynamics of urban street life and the often ambiguous nature of infamy and wealth.

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