Willie Falcon Net Worth: Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Biography, and More

Willie Falcon Net Worth

In the world of crime and intrigue, few names stand out as prominently as Willie Falcon. This enigmatic figure has garnered both fame and notoriety for his involvement in the drug trade. However, the question that often arises is, “What is Willie Falcon net worth?” Join us as we delve into the life and fortune of this intriguing individual.

Who is Willie Falcon?

Willie Falcon, also recognized as Augusto Guillermo Falcon Perez, left an indelible mark on the annals of crime and intrigue. Hailing from Riosucio, Colombia, he entered this world on August 10, 1952. Little did the world know that this unassuming birth would set in motion a journey that would propel Falcon to infamy.

As the late 20th century unfolded, Falcon emerged as a central figure in the shadowy world of the drug trade, much like gang leader Larry Hoover. His rise to prominence was characterized by his affiliation with the notorious Medellin Cartel, synonymous with staggering wealth and unrelenting controversy.

Falcon’s story unfolds as a tale of two contrasting forces—immense riches amassed through illicit means and a life marred by the constant specter of legal troubles and violence. It’s a narrative that blurs the lines between success and notoriety, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to captivate and confound to this day.

Real NameAugusto Guillermo “Willy” Falcon
Age68 years
D O BSeptember 1, 1955
ProfessionFormer Drug Lord
Willie Falcon Net Worth$40-$50 million
WifeAlina Rossique
KidsAileen Martinez, Jessica, and William Falcon
Height5 ft 8 inch
Weight66 kg

Willie Falcon Net Worth

When we delve into the financial aspects of the drug lord’s life, estimates of Willie Falcon net worth vary between $40 million to $50 million. This figure may be a surprise, particularly considering his criminal history and the intricacies that define his existence. To truly understand how he accumulated this substantial wealth, it’s essential to trace his life from its humble beginnings and follow the trajectory that led to such a significant net worth.

Early Life

Augusto Guillermo Falcon Perez spent his formative years in Colombia, growing up in a world vastly different from what lay ahead. The path leading him to a life of crime and immense wealth began to take shape during his youth. His early life experiences would shape his future and set him on a trajectory few could have predicted.


Falcon’s educational journey commenced under the name Augusto “Willie” Falcon 1955 in Cuba, where he held Cuban nationality. His early life remains mysterious, with little information about his parents. Initially, he embarked on his studies at Hong Kong International School, a phase of his life that showcased a different path, untouched by the criminal world.

However, as he would later delve into the drug trade, the pursuit of formal education gradually took a back seat in his life’s journey. The allure of the illegal trade and the tantalizing promise of immense wealth ultimately lured him away from traditional learning.

Personal Life: Willie Falcon Wife, Girlfriend, and Kids

Beyond the shadows of his criminal empire, Willie Falcon’s personal life reveals intriguing facets. He was a married man tied in matrimony to Alina Rossique. Together, they raised a family with three children: Jessica Falcon, Aileen Martinez, and William Falcon. Alina was a dedicated wife and mother, always willing to extend her support in any way possible despite their daily challenges.

Their love and unwavering support for each other echoed through the nurturing of their children. However, tragedy struck the Falcon family when, at the young age of 33, Alina met a horrific fate. In August 1992, she was tragically shot and killed at a Coral Gables beauty parlor, a shocking incident that sent shockwaves through the community.

To this day, her death remains shrouded in mystery. Willie Falcon, who faced charges in connection to her murder, has since been released from prison and now seeks justice for his past actions, further adding complexity to his personal story.

Professional Life

Willie Falcon’s professional journey unfolds as a riveting tale that straddles the divide between legality and criminality. He first ventured into the world of illicit drugs after dropping out of school, quickly establishing a reputation for himself. An early significant milestone was his collaboration with an old friend named Jorge Valdes, during which they handled the disposal of a substantial 30-kilogram cocaine shipment.

As Augusto Guillermo “Willy” Falcon delved deeper into the drug trade, he ascended to become one of the largest distributors of Colombian cocaine. His partnership with Magluta proved fruitful, leading them to expand their operations to include drug transportation from the Bahamas. In a daring move, Falcon and his friend managed to smuggle approximately 75 tons of cocaine into North America within a year.

The Downfall

Their empire crumbled in April 1991 when his business partner, Magluta, apprehended Falcon. They had amassed an astonishing fortune of $2.1 billion in cash at their arrest. While Falcon’s notoriety in the drug trade is well-documented, his foray into the world of filmmaking adds another layer to his intriguing story.

In 2011, he directed and produced the movie “Knock Knock 2,” followed by the production of the TV series “” in 2012 and the movie “Flipped” in 2015. However, Falcon’s criminal pursuits took a toll on his freedom. Following their arrest in 1991, he and Magluta spent four years in high-security confinement. Finally 2017, at 62, Falcon was released from federal prison.

Yet, his release did not come without controversy, as federal immigration officials had plans to detain him due to re-entry after removal proceedings were initiated against him. Willie Falcon’s life remains a gripping narrative of wealth, crime, and the complex interplay between his criminal past and uncertain future.

Age, Height, and Weight

As of 2023, Willie Falcon is 68 years old. Willie Falcon stands at 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs approximately 66 kilograms. These physical attributes provide a glimpse into the man behind the headlines.

Social Media Profiles

In today’s digital age, social media presence is a significant aspect of a public figure’s identity. While Willie Falcon may not maintain a public online presence, his name resonates in countless news articles and documentaries about the criminal underworld.


Willie Falcon’s life is a tapestry of controversies. From his involvement in the drug trade to his run-ins with law enforcement, his story is fraught with challenges and legal battles. These controversies have left an indelible mark on his legacy.


Willie Falcon net worth and life is a complex wealth, crime, and intrigue web. His journey from a Colombian upbringing to a net worth estimated between $40 million to $50 million is a testament to the blurred lines between success and notoriety. While his criminal activities have cast a dark shadow over his legacy, his story serves as a reminder of the allure and consequences of a life steeped in the drug trade.

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