Marketing Strategy: What It Is and How to Create One

Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to successfully marketing a business. The ultimate goal for any marketing team or entrepreneur is to successfully achieve product market-fit. What is product market-fit? This is a term that describes a stage of growth in a business’s lifetime when the target audience is not only purchasing the product or service but is naturally spreading that brand through their personal network.

Most consumers can relate to being part of this process. If a person has ever purchased a product that they loved and then instantly told their closest friends about it – this is an example of a successful product market-fit. The next step of success in this area is if that person’s network then goes on to purchase the same product and the product continues to be organically marketed.

Getting to this place, not only takes a lot of hard work – but also takes a plan and a strategy. If you are starting a business or trying to take your business to the next level, spending time investing in a marketing strategy that works for you will have a high ROI. For most people, the concept of marketing and advertisement can seem intimidating or even daunting – but it doesn’t have to. If you have been wondering how to start a marketing strategy, here are some tips to take into consideration.

First Things First, What is a Marketing Strategy?

If you are new to the game then figuring out the basics is where you need to begin. A marketing strategy is simply a plan that maps out steps a company needs to take in order to accomplish specific goals. In most marketing strategies, these goals revolve around consumer relationships, product sales, and brand awareness. Increasing the margins in these areas of a business takes a lot of planning and is typically something that requires a decent amount of time and commitment.

A marketing strategy is a tool or map that guides a business toward these goals.

There Are Several Factors To Consider

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of a competent and successful marketing strategy is the many factors that come into play when it comes to creating one. While the first step is to set goals, order to really understand not only those goals but the subsequent steps it will take to accomplish those goals requires taking into account a host of factors.

Understanding your target audience and the most cost-effective way of reaching them is one of those factors. For example, if your audience is localized to Nashville Tennesee, then you have a lot of options to consider for how to best and most cost-effectively reach this demographic. Maybe it’s localized SEO or Nashville billboards to passively reach massive amounts of people with generalized outdoor advertisements.

Another factor that has to be taken into consideration is the competition that your brand is going up against. Who else offers what you offer and how are they accomplishing that goal?

Step One: Goals

Once you have successfully taken into account the factors that are important for your marketing strategy, the first major step is setting up your goals. This is something that may require some serious time and commitment to come up with especially because you want to set up goals that can be accomplished. There’s a lot of wisdom in setting you and your company up for success by creating goals that scale.

What this means, is actually setting up goals that can not only be accomplished but can push your company to the next level. Rather than setting up goals that – while they may be ambitious and look good on paper – may not be accomplishable, it’s better to shoot for goals that can be accomplished and scale into large goals.

Understand Where You Need Help

Another big part of putting together a marketing strategy that can lead to success is understanding where you need help. When it comes to strategizing, finding the areas that you and your team aren’t strong in and then outsourcing can be an important step toward success. Remember, the marketing strategy you put together could be the road map you use for a substantial amount of time. Investing in the process of having a quality strategy, built with professionals could have great returns.

If your company isn’t able to have an in-house marketing department, then possibly working with an agency or consultant could be a great option.


Finding ways to create successful marketing strategies might seem intimidating or daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the time to do your homework, setting good goals, and partnering with professionals to help you develop the best plan, you can make a marketing strategy that will give you the success you are looking for.

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