Surprising Facts About Ninja Motorcycles


When was the last time you were taken aback by a motorcycle on the street?

Did its exhilarating speed attract you? Was the design breathtaking?

Well, say no more! This is exactly the delight and charm ninja motorcycles come with. They show appealing colors, majestic build and remarkable records in the racing arena. Even in terms of assemblage, processing, warranty and top speed, it is hard to compete with these motorcycles. With changing trends, the Kawasaki ninja motorcycle has emerged as a bestseller. Buyers and sellers have been influenced alike and markets worldwide have seen the immense popularity of these ninja bikes.

Despite this, there remain countless facts about ninja motorcycles to surprise you any day. Let us explore more!

What are some interesting facts about ninja motorcycles?

With their history and evolution ranging back to many years, several facts and milestones can be attributed to the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

Some of the general facts include:

  • The name

While coming up with the name “Ninja”, the other Kawasaki members had suggested alternatives. The Marketing Director of the company came up with this name. He had first named his own boat “Ninja”. It is inevitable to think of the course these legendary motorcycles would have taken with a different name.

  • The country of its birth

The birth of ninja motorcycles was in the US. Kawasaki is a Japanese company but its most successful endeavor started its journey in a foreign land. After its rising popularity in the US, the availability of the ninja motorcycle for sale was directed to countries worldwide.

  • The first launch

The launch of the ninja witnessed racing competitions, press releases as well as the presence of world racing champion Wayne Rainey. The events were held at historic racing courses in the US. This made the Kawasaki motorcycle unveiling a moment to be remembered!

  • The price

The average price of ninja motorcycles is roughly above the approximate income. This indicates that customers with a particular income range are likely to buy them. But the performance, popularity, design, and durability of these bikes make them worthwhile.

Some surprising facts about specific models of the ninja are:

  • The first ninja ever

The first-ever ninja to come on the road was the Ninja 900 R. With excellence in every domain, this bike set the racing standards very high. It won several awards over the years and changed the face of sports bikes for the better. It was the fastest motorcycle at that time.

  • Best of all

A motorcycle called the Ninja’s H2R is often known as the best of all Kawasaki motorcycles. Some tracks also limit the use of this model due to its incomparable speed and pickup.

  • Perimeter frame

Kawasaki, after the first ninja launch, decided to raise the bar. The perimeter frame of the bike which accounts for maximum rigidity was made of aluminum. This reduced the weight and enhanced speed setting completely new limits.

  • Ram air system

The technology standards further went up. Kawasaki incorporated the ram air system in one of its models and was the first company to do so. This prevented forced induction and fuelled the quality even more.

  • Speedometer

In the subsequent years, ninja motorcycles came with speedometers that could detect speeds of about 320 km/h or 200 mph. This was another breakthrough in the racing world. Several other companies and models drew inspiration from the ninja in the coming years.

  • Most in-demand

The greatest demand is seen for Ninja 1000. This is due to its compatibility and adaptability. Be it on urban roads or village terrains, this bike is suitable for it all. It comes with high maintenance but its suitability is worth the efforts.

  • Awards

Around 20 years after the first launch, ninja motorcycles had paved a road with improvements and success. The company, for a particular model, won the “Master Bike” award consecutively in an annual event.

  • Leading brand

Kawasaki, through ninja motorcycles, successively launched and maintained the fastest bikes available. They went on to come up with innovations in every aspect. Their efforts have made them the leading brand to date with little scope for any competitors!

Why should you buy ninja motorcycles?

For any product or company to sustain, up-gradation and innovation must be a priority. With the fast processing world of technology, new techniques are evolving. Keeping up with these trends and requirements is the real challenge. That is exactly the case with Kawasaki ninja motorcycles.

There has been a constant effort to keep updating their models no matter how great they already were. Any ninja motorcycle for sale is assured to provide you the best of services and sustenance. With top-notch build and delivery on the tracks, a ninja can hardly be replaced. Customers are advised to check with their requirements, budget, and company and then choose the best that fits their needs from the range of ninja models.

So, be it for the racing track, urban streets, or the country roads, wait no more and get your ninja motorcycle today!

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