What are the duties of an auto accident attorney?


Car accidents are the most common accidents in Miami and you should get in contact with an auto accident attorney if you are involved in one. An auto accident attorney in Miami will help you get through the whole legal fiasco that entails the accident. You might get bewildered by the long tail of paperwork that follows and will need to keep copies of records to submit for your insurance. Amidst all these hullabaloo an auto accident attorney in Miami can help you sort a lot of things and set the matters straight for you.

Check for references and seek the advice from a good auto accident attorney. After you have selected your lawyer who would be representing your case in a court of law you should settle down to prepare your case. Be thorough and honest with your attorney and tell them every little detail about the accident.

The auto accident attorney has the following responsibilities for their clients:

  • Interviewing the client properly – They seek every little detail from their client about the accident so that they can prepare the case file properly. While interviewing the clients it is the responsibility of the lawyer to walk the client through the claims process and how the claim settlement would be done for the client.
  • Gather evidence and statements to support the client’s statement – Often there are witnesses to your auto accident and the attorney you hire is responsible to get in touch with those witnesses and record their statements. The statements are extremely useful in the court. The attorney also gathers evidence by looking at the security cameras, photographing the place of accident, and through various other methods.
  • Help you in claim settlement – The auto accident attorney also looks into your medical insurance, auto insurance, and personal insurance details. They ensure that your medical bills get covered by your insurance company and oversee that any loss suffered by you such as loss of wages, personal losses, and other losses is reimbursed by the responsible insurance companies.

The attorney may require your medical history for this purpose.

  • If you are being dragged to the court for a lawsuit involving your auto accident then your auto accident attorney will first help you in claim settlement. If you and the other party agree to the conditions and decide to mediate the matter through claim settlement then there are no further responsibilities of an auto accident attorney. but if there is a dispute and a lawsuit is being filed against you then the auto accident attorney will prepare and draft the summons and the complaint. The summons and the complaint are then presented in the court.
  • The responsibility of the auto accident attorney also includes attending the depositions of both parties and the witnesses involved in the accident. He or she also gets in touch with medical experts and accident reconstructionists to prove the client’s claim.

Accidents are an unfortunate event and can plunge you into the dark. During such tough times, an auto accident attorney in Miami can help you a lot. Choose wisely.

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