The process to get your wedding invitations online

wedding invitations online

Creating wedding invitations online has become a thing now. Everyone is getting online. When I say everyone I mean both the couple and the wedding invitation makers. While couples are on online portals to find the perfect wedding invitation for themselves, the vendors are on it to give the best possible experience with the invitation. Get detailed information about the wedding seasons and best practices to enjoy it, on this website:

So here’s a detailed guide on how the couple and the wedding invitation vendor can get online to buy or sell wedding invitation cards.

For couples

Here’s how couples can get their wedding invitations online

Sign Up

Find a good website that sells wedding invitations online. Check if the website gets the aesthetic of the wedding and then purchase. You don’t want your wedding invitation to be jhatank when the theme of your wedding is pastels.

Create an account.

While this might be the same step as the previous point, it’s actually not. In this step you are adding your wedding details, your details, your spouse details and more. Anything that helps the vendor create a satisfactory wedding card should do.

Choose your theme

This is the nicest step because you get to choose from a plethora o f wedding cards. Please do bear in mind the following points.

It should go with the theme of the wedding.

It should be catchy

The colours should not be very on the face

Edit your card

Most wedding invitation cards are DIY. All you have to do is change certain placements if needed and then it is ready to be downloaded, sent and printed. For most vendor platforms like Wedding Wishlist all you have to do is pick the box that needs the details to be edited and once the changes are made you are ready to go.


This is the last step of the wedding invitation card maker. Please proofread before you go ahead and click on that download button.

For Vendors

There are a lot of vendor platforms out there in the universe that sells wedding invitation cards from different designers. Whether you’re a designer or vendor you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is get on the platform and get it to show your work. Once that happens your designs get mixed with other designer or vendor designs and your customer is ready to choose what he or she wants.

Below are the steps for the same.

Sign Up

You need to start with it since the vendor platform needs to get your details to give you a call and explain all the details with regard to details about the platform, the kind of cards you do, the prices and the profit split.

Upload designs

Uploading designs is the next step for this process. All you have to do is pick your best and add it to the platform. Then as and how people find your wedding invitations online, they would buy it.


The last step is to advertise and make it a big deal.

So these are the ways to get your wedding invitations online which can benefit both the couple and the vendor.

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