Why Do Pedestrians Get Hit by Cars?


Walking is an easy way of staying healthy. However, a little carelessness when walking down a busy street in your city can make you a victim of a pedestrian accident. Such accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and might even turn out to be fatal. To avoid the occurrence of pedestrian accidents, you must first gather information on the possible causes of those mishaps. The section below would introduce you to the most common ones among them.

Distracted Driving: Many motorists have the habit of focusing on other jobs when driving. Some remain busy with their cell phone (they check photos, videos, send messages, speak to friends/relatives, etc.), while others eat and drink. Some drivers get distracted when trying to look at events taking place at a nearby location.

Such distractions stop motorists from focusing on their main job i.e. driving. As a result, they often miss things happening in front of them or enter a wrong lane and end up hitting pedestrians.

Intoxicated Driving: Driving under the influence is an offense in all parts of the country including Ventura, CA. When a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, his reasoning, driving skills, reaction times, etc. get impaired. As a result, it is common for intoxicated drivers to fail to notice pedestrians and hit them. Such events are more common at night or when the weather is not clear.

Speeding: Speeding vehicles often hit pedestrians and make them suffer from disabling injuries. The death of the victim is also a common outcome of pedestrian accidents that involve speeding cars.

Failing to Notice a Stop Sign: This happens mostly due to distracted driving. When a driver fails to notice a stop sign and enter a lane that’s dedicated to pedestrians, he may cause some accidents.

Poor Weather Conditions: A motorist might fail to slow down at the right time due to snow, ice, rain, or fog, and hit people walking in front of the vehicle. The chances of such accidents increase even further if the road becomes slippery or slick due to snow or rain. Pedestrian accidents may also take place if the driver cannot see pedestrians due to heavy rains or fog. Only a qualified and experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Ventura, CA will be able to tell you who should be held liable for such accidents.

Backing-up Accident: These accidents occur mostly in homes when the motorists try to back up their cars and run over family members they fail to notice. A backing up accident can also occur in parking lots and cause injuries to pedestrians. That’s the reason why it is not a good idea to stroll along parking lots.

Final Words

Pedestrian accident cases are usually quite complex. Things become even more complicated if the accident is caused due to bad weather, bad road conditions, unavailability of street signs, etc. If you have incurred injuries after a vehicle hit you when you were walking along the road, aisle, or parking lot, seek legal help right away. Only a lawyer with experience of handling similar cases can help you win the compensation you deserve.

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